Sailing again

Imagine of Plymouth
Sun 9 Dec 2007 17:53
Approximately an hour after I send yesterdays blog in stormy conditions and rain the wind died!! Literally. It went from 25-30 knots to nothing. We just could not believe it. We tried with the spinnnaker but it wrapped itself almost around the forestay so we where forced to strat the engine as with the swell which was still running we lost steerage. Only thinking it was a temporary lull in the wind it became and 15 hour motoring session throughout the night. At least we where able to have dinner on plates, showers without causing any bruises and sleep!!!
Early morning arrived and the wind set in with 10 knots. Out came the genoa and started cruising at 6 knots. What a relief! Motoring is not fun when you only want to sail.
Everybody had a bit of a lay in as it was sunday moring and various types of breakfast were prepared. Unfortunately no Sunday papers delivered............
Rather than downwind sailing we where close hauled going towards St Lucia. Normally you would be running with trade winds but all we can see is squalls. However the wind moved aft enough to hoist the spinnaker but this created so much apprant wind that we had to bear away a little which is not what we wanted to do. So yet another change to a cruising chute. This we had up for at least 4 hours making approx 7-8 knots. We had a rendevous with a French crew on a catamaran who took lots of pictures! Great fun with lots of waving and chatter over the VHF. They where off to Martinique delivering a Lagoon to its new owners.
Wind has now increased to 14-15 knots which was not on the weather maps but good for us. Cruising chute has come down again and genoa out making 7.6 knots over the ground. Latest report is that we are 45th overall. At 1747 UTC we had 352 miles to go so hopefully make landfall in St Lucia on Teusday. Chris wants to get there on Teusday morning so we make it in 15 days but that would mean an average speed 7.3 knots which is pretty high for this boat. Anyway the crew will do their best!!
Chris is on cooking duty and started making a curry this morning, we had spanish omelletes for lunch and look forward to this evening!
A fishing line is again going over the side so we will be slowed down a bit which does not have everybodies vote but some people fancy fresh fish.
Crew of Imagine of Plymouth