Stalked by whales !!

Imagine of Plymouth
Thu 6 Dec 2007 18:52
Officer of the watch's log.
Stardate 06th December of the year two thousand and seven.
Starship ' Imagine of Plymouth', boldly sailing where many have tried..... and probably succeded, but hey, sounded good.
So, blog followers:
Are you all sitting comfortably..... good..... then I shall begin.......
Well, the day continued yesturday, with a relaxing concoction of sundowner nibbles followed by a fray bentos pie for most of us and fajitaas for Rudy. In comparason to the other night, we had a very clear night, with thousands of stars blinking away at us from up high. Quite a few shooting stars were seen, followed by various whispers from everyone. No doubt wishing for various things, no more so than a probable I hope we get there bloody soon, from Robert.
Around 9pm we passed the 1000 nm to go mark, according to our GPS, so Robert especially, became very perky and full of good spirit. To say he's watching every 10th of a mile count down is an understatement!!!
So as we passed this milestone, the celebatory 'It's not Terry's, It's mine' chocolate orange came out from Admiral Chris's cabin. Unfortunatley, it did not just spring open like the adverts when put on the table. This may be due to the very near 30 degree heat on board, so it was a little stuck together. Nothing a knife wouldn't sort though.
So, on it went to the night watch. Contrary to the previous nights non wind, we all looked forward to a nice calmish night, with wind of course. Yeah, right. With a swell that rolled in from various angles, we were pushed around this way and that, healing one way, then the other, sliding down waves. At one point, on my watch, I was looking up at the wind vane on top of the mast, judging wether to come down off the wind a touch, then the next minute.... the bloody thing was gone, vanished, including the damn VHF arial. Luckily, Robert and I were not speard by it, and it is now probably being harrased by inquisitive fish or whatever creature from a deep.
Anyhoo, the night bored on with not much sleep had by some, lots by others, as when Chris came out of his cabin, showered and ready for another day at 8am to greet Rudy and Arthur. Morning chaps, (He was of course, supposed to be on watch at 6am) sleep well. So, probably feeling a little guilty, he volenteered to cook breaky for all.
After a good feed, up went the trusty Spinnaker, and we were off. Flying we was.
Screaming down waves at 12 1/2 knots, and trying to take a chunk out of our rivals.
George was given his chance to excell, and a blinding job he did of auto helming. The morning flew by, so did the miles. Chris and Robert were tentativley wandering around the galley this morning, holding on for dear lives as we bounced and slid down the waves.
WHALE, came the shout from Arthur, and everyone sprung to action with video camera's and all such. And then nothing. We waited..... Robert decided it was a hoax and went back to trying to arrange lunch on a plate and not on the floor in our high speedyness. WHALE, came the shout again, and sure enough, there was a whale or 2. Minky's they was, I tell ya!
So while we all piled around the port quater trying to see it and catch a moment on camera, just a fleeting glimpse, a curious smell was coming out from the galley.
Um, what was it you all wanted in your baguettes, said Robert. The smell was of course a very close to burning the bread smell. But the day was saved, until the whale appeared again, and Robert came bounding up the companion way again, where, where.
The whale was pretty close, was coming closer. disappearing, and resurfacing in front, then at the side, then right behind us, following us. We all suddenly hoped it was not having amorous thoughts. And then it disappeared. But you could still see it's shape in the waves, stalking us, keeping a watchfull eye, working out if it was female, male or what....... 
But I could see the odd look aft from various members, that nervous look of  'I hope it dosn't want a hump!'
After a while, it got a bit too much for the spinnaker with winds above 20 knots, so sparing any accidents, down it came to be replaced by the white flappy thing on front and a calmer onward plod was enabled.
We're now cruising, somewhat rolly still under goose wing, at a sedate 7 odd knots, with 845 nm to go.
We've got a bit of a sweep stake going on as to when we get into St Lucia. Sometime tuesday seems to be the common agreed thought, although we think Robert wants sooner, for some reason.
So anyhoo, while Rudy and Arthur disappear to their cabins for a well earned siesta, the admiral and vice admiral take up their customary positions on the chez longes, and I finish this marathon blog (sorry for boring you all), we are left to ponder this fabulous saying of the day....... We could have flown there nearly 50 times in the time it's taken us to do this bloody trip...... 
That's all for now, thanks for listening.
Tune in same time, next time for more marording adventures of SY 'Imagine of Plymouth' and her bawdy bunch of crazy crew.
Thanks to Lisbet (mum) for keeping us up to date with the Barcelona race, and loads love to TC, it'll all work out... 
Bye for now...
Mark, Arthur, Chris, Rudy and Robert.