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Imagine of Plymouth
Sat 1 Dec 2007 15:00
Hello all Blog followers.
Today, Saturday Dec 1st, your blog editor is Mark.
This is due to Rudy being on detention. Why, you ask!
Well..... let me tell you.....
Yesturday afternoon, while obviously feeling a tad peckish, Rudy was galloping up the companion way with hands full of crisps, dip and peanuts for a little afternoon snack for everyone. Hands full, you say. Not one hand for yourself and one for the boat. No!
So, the inevitable happened. The boat was slapped on it's butt by a wave, causing the normally agile Rudy to piroette across the cockpit, narrowly missing the Admiral (lying in his customary position on his 'chez longe'), but sitting squarely on his nice, titanium specs, thus breaking them. Ooopps. So, after working out that thin titanium specs, and superglue do not go together, he has to, as his punishment, sit on the end of the Admirals bed for 1 hour and read bedtime stories to him, aahhh! ( 5 men, too long at sea I hear you say, hmmm).
So, anyway. Yesturday's events. Well, you heard from Rudy, early in the morning with the previous nights events, so I am here to add the rest of yesturdays events, aswell as adding a few other moments from the last few days. Yup, it has been amusing to say the least trying to sleep on here, although I think chris and Robert now have it down to a T..... Chris puts in his ear plugs, wedges himself in, and bob's your uncle, moves nowhere, hears no-one, including those trying to wake him to tell him he's late for his watch. An hour late! The other night it felt to me like we were in Michael Schumacher's car, screaming around a chicane as, on one bend I face planted into 1 side, and then we went round the next corner, and as I flew thru the air, twisting, I face planted into the other side (remember, I am in the V shaped forepeak), followed by being hit in the back by my flying computer. Don't worry, that stopped working b4 we left Las Palmas. This forepeak bed, I might add, is about 5 1/2 ft long, where as I am 6ft 2, so my feet hang off the end of the bed, or alternatively, I would need to stick my head thru to the anchor locker. Not sure about that one!
After a lot of laughing about Rudy and the Admiral Chris, a leak in one of the starboard side window's was noticed. This was the one that was fixed in Las Palmas by that great company from
Lymington!!! Not.
So, with a bit of Sunsail logic, and a bodge it 'n' fix it for now attitude, Arthur clung over the side to Gaffer tape the window. Not really good to have sea water pissing in, while you're in Mid Atlantic. Then to find that the screws on the inside were not even tightly done up!!! It never ends. So, nearly half a tube of sicker flex and a screw driver later.... We've also noticed another little hole in the sail, just above the other hole that the sail makers in Las Palmas didn't bother to fix, but charged us for anyway. So, solution... furl a bit in, for now.
Anyway, on with friday's happenings..... After such a hectic day of Spinnaker work and handling by Arthur, Rudy and Myself, ably watched by the Admiral Chris and the Vice Admiral Robert, we decided that it was the turn of George, the wind watching auto pilot, to have his go. So, the Admiral and vice Admiral took up their customary positions on their 'chez longes', while the minions sat back in the cattle class and cheap seats to observe the day. Vice Admiral Robert, cant comprehend why he can see no other boats about, when 240 odd started from the same place, are going to the same place, but we cant see them!!!... anywhere!!!
He also wants to know when we get to half way. This, as we pointed out, is hard to tell, as we dont know how many miles we are sailing. We can guess, but not accurately, obviously, because we cant sail in a straight line there. The wind direction has a little bit to do with it. Hmmm, is the answer. 
Meanwhile, Admiral Chris is napping on his 'chez longe'.
Fishing..... Now this has come as a bit of a sore point, as the 1st line that disappeard was up to 75KG. It snapped. How big was the bloody fish. The 2nd had a fish, which was promptly knicked by a dolphin in front of our eyes. Vice Admiral is making a valant effort with string and leur, and fishing rod now. We're all sceptical!! So, we've had smoked salmon, from a packet, and tuna, from a tin!!!
Meanwhile, the Admiral is napping on his 'chez longe'.
Then, we turn our selves to dinner. With the valant effort of the Admiral from the day b4 nearly going from microwave to floor, via chopping board and Chris's pinney, and just being saved in time, spilling only a tad down himself, this time it was Captain Arthur's turn to conger up..... Burger and chips with corn on the cob. Yum, you say. Yup, was good, although Cap'n Arthur wasn't too well during the night, and slooped away from his watch to hug his 'Renate' bucket for the remainder of the night (never good when the chef is ill from his own food, or was it a ploy to get out of this duty next time, hmmm), leaving Rudy to the rest of Arthur's watch, his own and of course an hour of the Admirals watch while he dreamed of merry things, with ear plugs.
The night was a mixture of fast sailing, squalls, a very confused sea, to say the least, certainly from the way I skiied around my cabin during the night clinging to whatever I could, it was a very choppy night.
I'm glad to say, I finally fell asleep about 3.20am, only to get up at 3.50 for my 4am watch. I am smiling, don't worry.
Today's been a mixed morning so far. Quite a big swell, loads of wind, but we are on our rhumb line and doing good. Keeping up the 8 odd knot mark, but of course, being thrown all around the place in the process. We passed 2 Pilot whales earlier, who were lazing on the surface, but had the decentcy to wave as we passed, how nice.
It looks like we are in 64th place just now, so we're all happy. That should put us in the top 20 at the moment. Brilliant!! Oooo. have just had an update on positions, sounds like we are in 15th place just now... Interesting, we'll have to see later.
And now...
I save the best comment for last:
I'm f.....g bored, I've only seen 2 planes, 2 whales and a lot of f.....g water........ and I cant see any f.....g boats!!!!!!
I'll keep the identity quiet, but it gave us a damn good giggle, I tell you...
So, sorry for boring you with this epic of ....1 day, but I just thought you might want a laugh.
On a personal note, I would like to pass on my congrats to Sarah and Mike for their wedding anniversary today. TC, could you do these honors for me. Love you loads.
Take care all, and don't forget to tune in same time, next time for the next episode of the epic adventure of 'IMAGINE OF PLYMOUTH' and her comic crew.
Adois for now.
All the best - Mark, Arthur, Rudy Admiral Chris and Vice Admiral Robert.