19:48.390S 168:30.980W

Thu 25 May 2023 23:56
Freydis departed from Beveridge Reef early this morning after 4 days in the beautiful lagoon there in the company of 4 other boats. Unfortunately much of our time was spent fixing things as the generator had suffered a catasrophic failure when we tried to start it on the second day. True to form my extremely resourceful skipper managed to get it running yesterday allowing us to fill up with water and charge the batteries after a day of cloud and rain. We were also very fortunate to be able to source replacement parts in Brisbane which our visitors to Vava'u can bring out next week. Thanks goes to Arabella and their starlink connectivity.
Yesterday we had a visit from a small aircraft who circled the lagoon 6 times before departing. They were under contract from the department of fisheries in American Samoa some 350Nm to the North so not sure what their interest was in Beveridge Reef but they must have got some great phots of the boats.
There is no wind so far today so we are motoring along in fairly calm seas with Arabella not far behind us and also bound for Vava'u. We are hoping the wind will come in later today allowing us to sail the remaining 330nm and anticipate arriving in Neiafu harbour during daylight on Sunday local time.
Of course we will also be crossing the International dateline and will be losing a day of our lives, just as well no-one is having a birthday!

Jim and Paula
S.Y Freydis