Dubbel Zout at Sea
Nik Ormseth
Mon 20 Feb 2023 23:36
Although this is the dry season in Dominica, we had rain Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.  On the other hand, Sunday was warm and sunny, and  you really shouldn't complain when you’re greeted by rainbows like this:


Accomplishments for Saturday:
- First use of DZ’s dinghy and outboard — and got to shore without capsizing. 
- Found that the yellow-brown water collecting on the floor of head wasn’t from a toilet leak, but water seeping through an unsealed hole in the deck. ;-p
- Dove the boat while at our moorage to cut away netting that had caught on the prop, and clean the depth sounder transducer (which now works again as a result!)

We also visited Champagne Beach, where an underwater gas vent creates continuous streams of bubbles:

Accomplishment for Sunday:
- Kitty caught a flying fish — or more precisely, a flying fish smacked her in the face while she was on watch during our night passage to Antigua.