Little Things

Dubbel Zout at Sea
Nik Ormseth
Sat 21 Jan 2023 20:43
Yesterday and today have been peas in a pod: Sun, wind, water, spinnaker.  
In the morning, check the weather, our position, and decide any course adjustments.
Adjust, protect, repair anything showing wear and tear from yesterday.
After lunch, raise the spinnaker and go fast till sunset.
After dinner, change sails for the night and try to get some sleep before your next watch.

The differences are in the little things:
Yesterday we tore the foot of the spinnaker; today we fixed it.
Yesterday we had dolphins at sunset; today it was flying fish in the afternoon.
Yesterday I cooked; today Rowan was the chef.

Everyone has their own style in the galley.
I’m chop-and-prep in advance — slow and methodical, sitting at the cabin table and using lots of non-slip mat.
Keep things in control by doing one thing at a time; try to make the right amount for the meal.
Rowan lights a burner and starts chopping straight into the pot
Does three things at once and keeps it under control with a better sense of balance and the air of a line cook in a busy diner
Figures leftovers are a good thing so doesn’t sweat the portion sizes.
Tonight’s creation: Barquitas!