Re: Blue Wonder - Saturday 4th November

Rapier 550 on tour
Mark Jarvis
Sun 5 Dec 2021 13:38
17 09.9N 051 19.7W
We had a very good last 24 hours now we have the winds within our sail wardrobe window. The last 24 hours we covered 204nm towards the final destination, as defined by the ARC team, and only 4 other boats in the remaining fleet were faster!
If we can continue to sail at this pace then we should be able to move up another 2 places in our class and a massive 20 places overall! Once the engine running hours are taken into account the gains are likely to be more as some the others needed to motor for a long time after the start whereas we managed to sail pretty soon after we departed.
However, the real benefit of this boat isn't its high average sailing speeds, it's the way it delivers this with a minimum of disturbance of effort for the crew and skipper. Other than the watch keeper, the rest of the crew are making lunch or watching a film whilst the boat sails on at speeds up to 16 knots!
Did have a minor set back this morning when I checked why the generator is leaking water and found the Jabsco water pump shaft seal has failed.  Looks like we won't be able to run the washing machine until we arrive in a couple of days - however, everyone's washing was pretty much up to date as of yesterday and so that's no too much drama for another couple of nights. Another little part for the shore crew to bring with her to St Lucia - dear Audrey!
We have been treated to a range of Swiss evening meal delicacies by our resident Swiss surgeon and crew member. Last night's vegan rice and tomato dinner was a typical example - very nourishing and wholesome!! Shame we had to follow it with treacle sponge and cream!
Fair winds