ARC preparations in Portimao

Rapier 550 on tour
Mark Jarvis
Thu 28 Oct 2021 09:07

37 7.229N 8 31.616W


Much of the work for a trip like the ARC is done long before the trip actually begins.  The plans for our trip began 7 years ago with the launch of the new Rapier 550 performance sailing catamaran and our conviction that this was the best way to undertake long distance sailing. The new boat was in demand for boat shows  and client viewings, then we all got busy doing other things and then Covid! Now, 7 years later, we are finally ready to show that this is the best way to undertake long distance cruising and be able to blend work with a sailing lifestyle.

After an uneventful Biscay crossing, Rapier 550 “Blue Wonder” is now sitting on Tivoli Marina, Portimao, Portugal enjoying the sunshine and getting the last few ARC related additions fitted and ready. Aboard are Mark and Audrey, working hard to get those jobs finished and being ably helped by friends Steve and Anne, who are now Portuguese residents but who previously were Broadblue catamaran owners.


Mark R G Jarvis MSc

Design and Production Director

Cruising Catamarans Ltd

Builder of Broadblue and Rapier catamarans


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