Blended work/life balance

Rapier 550 on tour
Mark Jarvis
Thu 28 Oct 2021 09:32

37 7.229N 8 31.616W


The ARC trip for us is both a holiday and a working trip and so the space and features of the Rapier 550 combine really well to make this an ideal platform for our life style. Working remotely has bene something that we have all been working through over the last 2 years becoming more and more adept and being away from the office but in full control of our work day. Here in Portimao the Rapier 550 makes a fantastic platform for our “day job” but with probably the best office view anywhere!



Mark R G Jarvis MSc

Design and Production Director

Cruising Catamarans Ltd

Builder of Broadblue and Rapier catamarans