17:27.7N 039:42.8W Plodding Along

Fri 9 Dec 2011 15:06
Wednesday was a good day. Four fish in 3 hours, biggies too. Three Dorado and one Wahoo. Both are delicious but the Wahoo was amazing and was from the sea to our plate in about twenty minutes, about 200 pounds worth of fish. Lovely. So we are eating very well and there is no booze left which is a good and bad thing. We decided not too stock up too much in Cape Verde except for some red wine and beer as we had some spirits left over. Spirits are better because they take up less room but you just end up getting pissed all the time when you are not on shift which gets hectic. So we made a decision to not buy any more, the only thing being that a cold beer slips down so easily that we have drunk them all and the wine. But hey, it's going to be a healthy eight or nine days.
Yesterday was annoying because we have no wind again and when we tried to put up our cruising shute, which is similar to a spinnaker, got caught around part of the rigging and dropped into the sea. The sail is absolutley huge and it took the four of us to drag it back on board. When we tried again it became apparent that the block at the top of the mast which the sheet for the sail goes through was knackered, probably due to the pressure from going overboard so quickly. Either that or a faulty block. It's annoying because this sail is perfect to make the best of little wind.
Anyway. All is good and the forecast is looking good. 15-20 knots of wind from tonight for the rest of the trip so we should be able to make up some time.
P.S...A big shout to Hugh and Sally x