16:24.22N 030:37.12W Atlantic

Mon 5 Dec 2011 19:44
All is well. We have recovered from our minor injuries from the other night. Damn those choppy seas when you leave land. I swear I will cook with one leg bracing me at a 45 degree angle when I get home! We have been goosewinging or 'spatchcocking' as we like to call it which is where you have the main sail out on one side and the head sail poled out on the other. The reason for this is because the wind is directly behind us on a dead run so we get the most out of it and it means we don't have to keep gybing. Weather is good and morale is high. The only downer is that the last shop we did in Cape Verde was a bit crap. Basically we, or rather Dickon and I didn't get any chocolate or sweet stuff which now we all crave. In fairness though it was a crap place to get provisions from and we did the best we could.
We have changed course to Antigua and are going to base ourselves there for Christmas and New Year as opposed to going to Grenada, picking up Lauren and then bombing it up to make it in time. I think we will want to chill in the Caribbean for a few weeks before we head off to Panama!
Anyway, I shall bore you no more..... x