16:53.1N 024:59.4W Cape Verde

Sun 4 Dec 2011 11:12
We arrived in Cape Verde on Wednesday after just under 7 days. The wind was strong but she thrived on it. After hearing bad things about Cape Verde from lots of people it was nice to find a quality marina, amazing weather and really friendly locals. It is made up of 13 islands and St. Vincent is definatley the best. We chilled, regrouped and left there this morning. It's quite hectic as the wind is going from 5 to 35 knots and then back down again along with huge swells and monster waves. George has been drenched 4 times, Gareth and I have scolded ourselves with boiling water from a flying kettle and Dickon has just slipped down 2 sets of stairs. Ouch! It will be like this for another few hours and then we should be out into the big blue and things should be constant. Well, they fucking want to be as this is testing.
All is good though and when we arrived in Cape Verde it really felt like we were properly away and things are quite exciting now. We are racing to get to the caribbean to see our girlfriends and spend xmas together. Every extra knot we do takes 2 and a half days off the journey so it's proper full speed ahead now. We want to be in Grenada for the 17th and Antigua for xmas. The rods will be coming out again tomorrow and start fishing but in the mean times loads of flying fish have been landing on the deck and one flew directly into me as i stepped up on deck. Scared the shit out of me in the pitch black.
Anyway I will keep you posted on our progress every 2 or 3 days so wish us luck and God  xxx