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Date: 26 Aug 2009 09:19:22
Title: morgat

hi all,

safely arrived in Morgat on Sunday evening after two and half day slog across Ushant from Crosshaven to here. Not planned to bei n brittany but the weather patterns meant that a 6 day passage to Corunna in north west Spain was going to involve battering across the unstable weather system that is bothering the Atlantic. On the nose gales were not wanted so decision to go with the wind to Brittany, a much shorter 300 mile trip. However with the westerly swell and being close hauled, mal de mer affected all but the two mikes and sam who thrives on this type of sailing. However the " mikes" ran the boat,the galley and the stugeron doses for the first day and half until sea-legs were found.

Yellsound saw us through with new roller staysail giving good drive and a higher course setting enabling us to average 5 knots over the sail.
Monday saw a lay-day with us tidying the boat, doing essential maintenance visiting Morgat and enjoying a dinner ashore as it was Mike S last night with us.

Mike S left us this morning at 12.15 and by way of taxi, fast cat, taxi, ryanair and was home within 8 hrs- We set off for Benodet with proposed anchorage 12 mile away for early start through the Ras de Seine except anchorage untenable due to swell and totally occupied by local fishing craft so back to Morgat for Dinner on board with Lindas broth and Sam and Suzy's crepes with bananas,nutella and Grand Marnier.

Weather great - temperature 23C, winds 12-14knts- and no rain since we left Cork.

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