Wednesday 16th August

The Adventures of Tin Man
Andy Topp & Steve Arnold
Wed 16 Aug 2023 09:51
what three words - slinks.railroads.helmet
405 miles done, 1197 to go!!
Sam and I were on the good shift rotation last night - 9 to midnight and then back on at 6am which meant we got to see a beautiful sunset as we came on watch last night and then saw the sun pop up on the other side of the boat this morning in a spectacular sunrise right out of the water. The setting sun last night marked our first complete day on board and moving.
Biscay continues to be very calm and we have had the engine on pretty much for the last 24 hours but have just hoisted the Code 0 (big front sail used in light winds) and we are now pleased to have just the sound of the waves. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Maybe at some point today there will be dancing feet (but probably not).  One of the key benefits of being in very calm conditions is that we all managed to get a really good sleep over night so we are feeling quite perky today.
We are now just over half way across the Bay of Biscay. I was expecting it to be a lot busier but i think we must be slightly east of the main shipping routes. In the last two days we have only passed a handful of container ships and other vessels.
We are now about 160 miles in either direction away from any land, and further to the east, so our interactions with dolphins have been fewer over the last 12 or so hours. I am listening to The Infinite Monkey Cage podcast and following our shark sighting yesterday I re listened to the one on sharks and was surprised to recall that apparently the Greenland shark can live up to 500 years which means there are potentially sharks swimming around Greenland that were born before Napoleon. On the evolutionary timeline sharks also predate the emergence of trees.
There is a growing list of things we need to look at / adjust / fix / resolve when we get to A Coruna which may east into some valuable tourist activity but thankfully at this stage everything is pretty minor.