Position update - Tuesday 14 August 16:35

The Adventures of Tin Man
Andy Topp & Steve Arnold
Tue 15 Aug 2023 15:46
what three words - care.souped.lumped
Despite it's fierce reputation,  the Bay of Biscay has so far turned out to be the most mundane segment of the trip with flat seas, beautiful sunshine and absolutely no wind. The opposite end of this scale is much less favourable so we are all happy to have a flat boat and be able to finally take off the offshore wet weather gear and dry the boat out a bit. We are expecting this to be the case until early tomorrow when hopefully the wind picks up and we can turn the engine off. We are still approximately 275 nautical miles from the other side of the Bay of Biscay so still plenty of time for things to change.
To celebrate Andy's birthday, and again taking advantage of the flat conditions, we are going to have a nice steak dinner later. Unfortunately for Andy, his watch finishes at 6 which means he's also on dinner duty!
We have continued to be accompanied by pods of dolphins for large sections of the trip but we were surprised earlier to see a shark alongside the boat. With no data - only email - we are all a bit curious as to what sort it was but that'll have to wait until we get to A Coruna.