Tuesday 15th August - Andy's birthday

The Adventures of Tin Man
Andy Topp & Steve Arnold
Tue 15 Aug 2023 10:28
what three words - ghouls.dived.exponents
We passed the island of Ouessant off the north-western coast of Brittany at around 0700 BST; a brief sighting of land at the junction of the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, after which it's just us and the sea again. Today's fun fact: Ousseant has it's own tartan, after hosting a Scottish literary festival (expect the fun facts to dry up as we head into 48 hours with no mobile data access!)
Watch C (Andy and Will) and watch A (skipper Glenn) were kept busy dodging commercial shipping and fishing boats during the night. The excitement had died down by 3am when Watch B (Steve and I) climbed up the companionway to the cockpit: we didn't see another vessel the whole shift, and had only the lighthouses of northern France, the beautiful bio-phosphorescence in Tin Man's wake, and another bunch of boisterous dolphins to keep us company.
Unfortunately as the traffic died down, so did the wind.  With our speed over ground down to less than 2 knots, fighting against the tide, and our ETA at A Coruña slipping rapidly, we started the engine at 5am to help us make some headway.  What we lost in peace and tranquility we made up for in hot water: since the engine heats the water, we could have hot showers to help wake us up.  The light winds are expected to continue over the next few days: although the sailing is probably not going to be classic, it is preferable to the other weather extremes that Biscay is famous for.
Today is Andy's birthday.  The saloon is dressed with balloons and decorations to celebrate.  Maybe the phosphorescence will spread some glitter over the sea later this evening too.