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The Adventures of Tin Man
Andy Topp & Steve Arnold
Mon 14 Aug 2023 17:40
what three words - danced.trike.guesthouses
Amazing day sailing in the sunshine so far. making great progress towards Brest aiming to arrive there around 7 in the morning. I've (Steve) just come on shift with Sam and then we have the graveyard 3am to 6am shift which will be our first night watch. Could be a bit spicey as we cross the shipping lanes but we are kitted out with plenty of comms, AIS and radar and it's a really clear day / night so hopefully all good.
Sam's random fact about Eddystone Lighthouse as we passed it was that the old lighthouse burned down whilst it was being manned by a ninety something year old man who gallantly tried to extinguish the flames 91 feet above him by throwing buckets of water from ground level. He met his end swallowing falling molten lead from the roof. In retrospect it wasn't such a "fun" fact, but it was interesting nonetheless.