37:27.76N 136:17.68W

Theodora - to Hawaii
Wed 20 Jul 2011 02:03
Back to overcast and cool conditions, including less wind.
A good time to try a lighter sail.  It looked great (being the only thing blue in the sky)
and it worked great for about 8 hours.
Then I noticed a long, blue sail dragging in the water beside me.
-fished the sail onboard and I’m letting it dry out.  Unfortunately, the line used to lift it up had chaffed through and fallen down,
so I’ll be unable to raise that sail again (unless I climb to the top of the mast to route a new line – not likely!)
On another topic:  there’s nothing out here!  No boats, no fish, no birds, no garbage – nothing but water.
And I notice the water is completely clear (around Vancouver Island, the water has lots of little ‘things’ in it).