Team Hesco first blog post

Sun 3 Jan 2016 17:26

Theo Jones' (of Team Hesco) sister here.  We have just received their first blog post, which I have pasted below.  Please could you post this asap and let me know when it is live?

Many thanks,


Blog post 1 - Day 1 to 15:

Race start:

We all headed off at 5 minute intervals. We decided to row for 12 hours straight before getting in to the routine of 2 hours on, 2 hours off.

On the first day we saw a whale, a dolphin and a rainbow over La Gomera. We were thinking what more is there to see?  Shall we just turn around?

After Day 1 our bums took a flogging, so we went straight into the naked rowing. A little weird at the start but it's for the better of the bums!

The first 48 hours were just like our training rows so we knew what to expect but after that we were into the unknown and it was the first time we couldn't see land from our little rowing boat!

Nothing changed except that our bodies were really starting to ache; our hands, ankles, knees, and bums. At one stage Shane was hopping to his row position because he couldn't walk on his sore ankle.

After a few more days rowing our body parts seem to be doing fine again!

We have a little bird that visits the boat daily and always makes us laugh. We've named him Flash; he flies around the boat doing all kinds of tricks really close to us.

We have had no major dramas as yet.  We've had to change the wheels on both seats as the bearing gave way and our watermaker was not producing much water but that we just put down to an airlock in the system.

We think we've now found our routine and are starting to enjoy this little adventure!

Will keep you posted as best we can.  Touch wood we have no major dramas except slow winds!

Shane & Theo

Aggie Jones