Team Hesco Blog Post 4 - Day 26-32

Sat 23 Jan 2016 12:34
Day 26
Today was a very hot day. No cloud cover at all so the batteries got a good charge!
3 whales casually passed our boat today...  as you do.

Day 27
Motor Yacht Turmoil diverted their route and came to visit us today!!  You guys are all absolute legends!  You totally made our day/month!!  It gave us such a boost to see you.  Thanks Captain Will, Eric and the rest of you champions!  It was a little heartbreaking to see you disappear again but all the more reason to row towards Antigua!  See you on the other side.

Day 28
We had what I guess you could call our first proper 'rowers tiff ' today about how our food is not being cooked properly by one another.  Things got pretty heated!!  Looking back it's very funny but of course it was deadly serious at the time!  It had to happen sooner or later - 28 days in is pretty good going we think!  You'll be pleased to hear that we are back on speaking terms after a shift swap!
We're making good progress today, rowing at about 2.5 knots - it feels great to be covering some ground (ocean) again after a slow few days...

Day 29
We have sped up at last - hooray!  It seems the trade winds are our friends again for a while.
Today we had some pretty major squalls pass through and hit us.  A squall is a sudden, short, sharp increase in wind speed that is usually caused by active weather like rain showers, thunderstorms etc.  The huge gusts tend to bring our speed up to 4 knots which helps and we see some amazing cloud formations.  Plus we get a free (much needed) shower!!
Speaking of showers we haven't had one for nearly 30 days but we still feel clean as a whistle thanks to the incredible invention that is the wet wipe!  After each shift every vital body part gets a good wipe down but unfortunately this doesn't do much for the smell...  We absolutely stink!!
A sail fish followed the boat for about 5 minutes today which was really cool to watch.

Day 30 
Similar conditions to yesterday: friendlier winds and squalls.
There was a lot of seaweed in the water surrounding us today - very strange - could this mean we are nearly there?!?!

Day 31
Theo's chafing problems in his armpits and nether regions are continuing to cause havoc, poor bloke.
The sun is getting hotter and hotter making the cabin more and more unbearable as we approach the finish line BUT today we hit a major land(sea)mark - only 1000 miles to go!  YAY!  It felt huge.

Day 32 
Winds have dropped and we have slowed down again.  Never fear the trade winds are due back soon!
We're still seeing a lot of seaweed on the water.
We are beginning to really struggle with the meals; they're not tasting so great anymore.  It had to happen at some point.  We're not short of time, so we've discussed all meal options AT LENGTH and we agree that the combined winners in the freeze dried category are the mac'n'cheese and the sweet'n'sour, and that the all day breakfast takes it in the wet meal category.

Until next time...  thank you so so much for all your support - the messages and news of sponsorship are making it so much easier to pull the oars!  Please keep 'em comin!