DAY 10

Verplank/ Picot
Mon 11 Apr 2011 01:02
28.22.345N 036.46.010W Todays adventures on the high seas included catching another dolphin(a tender subject), and having the high water alarm sound off in the middle of the afternoon. High water ALARM!... Open the engine room hatch, sure enough, there's water sloshing down there! Are we sinking? What the? Flash up the pump. It keeps ahead of the ingressing water. We taste it, it's fresh water, that's a good thing. Power down the panic stations. Just a minute, our water tanks are running on empty, what the?...We take a cursury look around the engine room, and the water tanks, no smoking gun. Well there's plenty of beer and diet coke. We decide to wait untill we start the generator, start the watermaker, and look for leaks....Bingo! A ruptured water line. Had it repaired within 15 minutes, with enough thime to return to the baking. Otherwise we sailed the whole day close hauled, at 6-8 knots...