Verplank/ Picot
Wed 14 Apr 2010 12:19
18.25.596N 64.39.768W
After 4 hours at the dock we had our repaired mainsail back. Motored around
to Cane Garden Bay, anchored on the west side of the bay. The forecast for
winds dying to 9-12 knots didn't pan out. We could either wait until
morning to put the sail back up or try to do it right away in the 15-20
knots. The furling gear was slamming around in the mast so we thought it
best to get the sail up. Winds did quiet down to 8-10 for a little while
and then piped back up again as we got near the end of feeding the sail into
the slot. It was quite a job but we all pitched in and 'got 'er done'.
No one was in the mood to dress up for the pirate party but five folks
headed ashore for dinner at 7pm. Wind did not abate all night.