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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Apr 2007
Tue 10 Apr 22:43 "14:04N 60:57W" 14:04.00N 60:57.00W
Mar 2007
Sun 25 Mar 12:41 "15:34N 056:36W" 15:34.00N 56:36.00W
Tue 06 Mar 20:15 "24:19.024N 023:10.602W" 24:19.02N 23:10.60W
Tue 06 Mar 19:30 "25:25.22N 019:47.77W" 25:25.22N 19:47.77W
Sat 03 Mar 15:32 50:23.22N 0:23.15W 50:23.22N 0:23.15W