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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sep 2018
Thu 13 Sep 20:56 The final chapter - back to Marchwood 50:54.20N 1:26.50W
Tue 11 Sep 19:09 Pottering south 51:19.70N 1:25.30E
Fri 07 Sep 16:29 Solo sailing again - down the East Coast 54:29.30N 0:36.80W
Sun 02 Sep 09:51 Back in UK 55:59.70N 3:24.70W
Aug 2018
Mon 27 Aug 15:02 Heading down the Norwegian coast: Brekstad to Alesund and on to Bergen 60:23.80N 5:19.40E
Wed 22 Aug 08:44 Bodo to Brekstad 63:41.10N 9:40.10E
Fri 17 Aug 16:41 Crew change in Bodo 67:17.00N 14:22.20E
Wed 15 Aug 07:04 Two of us heading through the islands to Bodo 68:14.00N 14:34.00E
Sat 11 Aug 11:31 Back in Tromso heading south 69:39.10N 18:57.60E
Tue 07 Aug 20:20 Arrival in the land of trees and greenery 70:01.80N 20:58.30E
Sat 04 Aug 10:30 Half way back to Norway 74:28.80N 17:05.30E
Wed 01 Aug 00:29 South to Bellsund and a perfect anchorage 77:45.70N 14:36.60E
Jul 2018
Sat 28 Jul 17:14 Svalbard's Russian quarter 78:13.70N 15:36.80E
Thu 26 Jul 06:52 Exploring the ice and Svalbard's heritage, then south again 78:03.80N 14:12.00E
Tue 24 Jul 02:46 80N after a busy 48 hours 80:00.00N 10:50.70E
Sat 21 Jul 22:58 Meeting the local wildlife (no, no bears yet!) 78:55.70N 11:56.20E
Wed 18 Jul 10:32 Our arrival in Svalbard 78:13.70N 15:36.80E
Sat 14 Jul 10:07 Into the Arctic Ocean and onwards to Bjornoya 74:22.50N 19:10.40E
Tue 10 Jul 08:50 Heading North 69:39.10N 18:57.70E
Wed 04 Jul 05:30 ........ and on to Tromso 69:39.10N 18:57.70E
Mon 02 Jul 08:58 A diversion to Trollfjord, then north via Tjellsund to Finnsnes 69:14.20N 17:58.50E
Sun 01 Jul 09:01 Exploring the Lofotens 68:12.60N 14:28.90E
Jun 2018
Fri 29 Jun 21:49 Across to the Lofotens 67:56.00N 13:05.20E
Thu 28 Jun 17:19 Into the Arctic 67:06.30N 13:52.00E
Wed 27 Jun 06:15 Kristiansund to Rorvik; 64:51.50N 11:13.60E
Mon 25 Jun 08:13 Ulsteinvik to Kristiansund 63:07.10N 7:44.00E
Sat 23 Jun 13:40 Bergen to Ulsteinvik 62:20.60N 5:50.50E
Wed 20 Jun 13:02 In Bergen 60:23.74N 5:19.45E
Mon 18 Jun 13:59 Approaching Norway - a moment of sun 58:39.60N 3:21.30E
Fri 15 Jun 17:45 All ready - just need a crew 54:41.46N 1:12.04W
Wed 13 Jun 16:25 Arrival in Hartlepool - PS
Wed 13 Jun 16:14 Arrival in Hartlepool 54:41.46N 1:12.05W
Mon 11 Jun 15:50 A quick update from the sunny Humber 53:34.80N 0:06.10E
Sat 09 Jun 17:32 Solent to Lowestoft 52:28.50N 1:43.10E
May 2018
Wed 30 May 09:04 Preparing to go 50:54.15N 1:26.50W