Kerkira to Larnaca (Cyprus)

Sun 4 May 2008 18:15
34:52.00N 33:37.00E
>From Kerkira (Corfu) to Larnaca (Cyprus) on Sunday 04 May 2008. Filed a
flight plan when we got to the airport. ATC didn't like it because we had
planned the short route directly over Athens, so we had to do a quick
change and follow their suggestion to route around Athens. Started up and
were given a departure based on runway 17. Lined up at the R/w 17 entry
point at which point we were given a departure procedure for runway 35,
and told to backtrack r/w 35. The runway is 2375 metres long so this took
time as well, but eventually we got airborne and were soon up at FL110
(approximately 11,000 feet for the non-aviators reading this). This was
about the freezing level but was not a problem as we were just above the
cloud. About half the journy was above cloud but we had some good
glimpses of various Greek islands including Rhodes. Larnaca was quite busy
with traffic when we arrived over the airport but suddenly it all went
quiet and we followed the VOR ILS procedure for a landing on runway 22. A
bit of hassle to get parked but eventually got the paperwork sorted out.
Friends had organised a taxi to Nicosia and we had a great evening with
Michael, Loukea and their extended family. Great day all round. The
flying data: 795 nautical miles total in 4.9 hours.