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Date Subject Position
Aug 2008
Tue 05 Aug 14:18 Reykjavik (Iceland) to Prestwick (Scotland) 55:30.50N 4:35.20W
Sat 02 Aug 19:19 Narsarsuaq (Greenland) to Reykjavik (Iceland) 64:07.80N 21:56.40W
Fri 01 Aug 22:12 Goose Bay (Canada) to Narsarsuaq (Greenland) 61:09.60N 45:25.50W
Jul 2008
Thu 31 Jul 21:30 Providence (RI, USA) to Goose Bay (Canada) 53:19.20N 60:25.60W
Mon 28 Jul 16:58 Springdale (AR) to Providence (RI) 41:43.40N 71:25.70W
Sat 26 Jul 01:19 Chandler (AZ) to Springdale (AR) 36:10.60N 94:07.20W
Thu 24 Jul 22:21 Prescott (AZ) to Chandler (AZ) 33:16.10N 111:48.70W
Wed 23 Jul 03:30 Merced (California) to Prescott (Arizona) 34:39.30N 112:25.20W
Sun 20 Jul 22:01 Honolulu (Hawaii) to Merced (California) 37:17.08N 120:30.83W
Thu 03 Jul 04:31 Christmas Island (Kiribati) to Honolulu (Hawaii, USA) 21:19.12N 157:55.35W
Wed 02 Jul 04:26 Pago Pago (American Samoa) to Christmas Island (Kiribati) 1:59.47N 157:21.52W
Jun 2008
Sat 28 Jun 04:56 Nuku Alofa (Tonga) to Pago Pago (American Samoa) 14:19.90S 170:42.70W
Sat 28 Jun 04:52 Auckland (NZ) to Nuku' Alofa (Tonga) 21:14.46S 175:08.38W
Wed 25 Jun 02:45 Feilding to Auckland 37:00.49S 174:47.50E
Thu 19 Jun 10:17 Palmerston North to Feilding 40:15.35S 175:36.32E
Wed 18 Jun 12:00 Lord Howe Island (Oz) to Palmerston North (NZ) 40:19.23S 175:37.02E
Tue 17 Jun 12:00 Gold Coast to Lord Howe Island 31:32.30S 159:04.63E
Sun 15 Jun 08:06 Scone(NSW) to Gold Coast (Coolangatta, Qneensland) 28:09.87S 153:30.29E
Sat 14 Jun 11:19 Adelaide (SA) to Scone (NSW) 32:02.30S 150:49.90E
Wed 11 Jun 09:04 Forrest to Adelaide 34:47.60S 138:37.98E
Tue 10 Jun 09:36 Perth to Forrest 30:50.30S 128:06.90E
Mon 02 Jun 01:14 Carnarvon to Perth (WA) 32:05.85S 115:52.86E
Sun 01 Jun 01:10 Broome to Carnarvon (WA) 24:52.84S 113:40.34E
May 2008
Fri 30 May 10:19 Darwin to Broome (WA) 17:56.99S 122:13.70E
Tue 27 May 08:44 Jakarta to Darwin (Australia) 12:24.83S 130:52.60E
Mon 26 May 12:14 Bali to Kupang 10:10.70S 123:39.83E
Sat 24 May 09:22 Jakarta to Bali 8:44.83S 115:10.15E
Fri 23 May 09:02 SIngapore to Jakarta (Indonesia) 6:16.05S 106:53.20E
Wed 21 May 13:06 Phuket to Seletar (Singapore) 1:25.00N 103:52.05E
Tue 20 May 09:49 Bangkok to Phuket 8:06.67N 98:18.75E
Sun 18 May 17:04 Chittagong to Bangkok, Thailand 13:54.88N 100:36.35E
Sat 17 May 16:13 Patna to Chittagong (Bangladesh) 22:15.40N 91:49.33E
Thu 15 May 08:35 Ahmedabad to Patna 25:35.60N 85:05.50E
Tue 13 May 15:29 Muscat to Ahmedabad, India 23:04.25N 72:37.60E
Mon 12 May 17:44 Bahrain to Muscat, Oman 23:35.65N 58:16.90E
Fri 09 May 18:57 Luxor to Bahrain 26:16.25N 50:38.00E
Thu 08 May 20:05 New Website......details here
Wed 07 May 18:18 Larnaca to Luxor (details to follow) 25:40.25N 32:42.33E
Sun 04 May 18:15 Kerkira to Larnaca (Cyprus) 34:52.00N 33:37.00E
Sat 03 May 19:33 Cannes to Kerkira (Corfu) 39:36.10N 19:54.70E
Fri 02 May 17:11 Cambridge to Cannes 43:32.75N 6:57.25E
Thu 01 May 21:51 Prestwick to Cambridge 52:12.25N 0:10.50W
Apr 2008
Sun 27 Apr 15:32 Fowlmere to Prestwick 55:30.60N 4:35.70W
Wed 23 Apr 20:50 Back at base (Fowlmere, EGMA). 52:04.65N 0:03.70E
Sun 20 Apr 14:03 Romeo Tango....