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Date: 11 Mar 2010 13:22:15
Title: Nothing at all

Hello everybody!!!! I wounder how many more blogs to go.....
So, where to begin? If you are looking at the website regularly you will see we are not making much progress. Believe me, we are trying. Both ourselves and HCL seem to be stuck in a weather system that people back home cant see and, as two crews talking to each other, its doing both of us, no favours at all. Without it being in the forcast, it could last a day, a week, a month or a year, we just dont know. Who would have guessed that with all the other crap we have had to endure throughout these last 4 months, 257 mles from the end, this was gonna come up. What makes it worse is that dream maker, who were 30 miles behind managed 41 miles yesturday, how the hell....???
We did have a ray of hope last night when speaking to HCL, their weather guy said it would change at midnight, but it didnt. There's that word again....hope...........means nothing out here. What was nice was that we got our daily text from woodvale, thats right, the text we get every second or third day (lets not talk about that.....) and it said that we were experiencing weather that the charts wernt showing. So it is a bizare system we are experienceing.
What makes it that much worse is that most people flew out yesturday to see us in. We should have been getting in tomorrow had last weeks progress continued. My auntie, who i know is tight for time, will miss us and thats a real soccer punch. I think mum will stay out there for as long as it takes as too will hannah, but im not sure how work effects that one. I know tom will be deverstated if he misses laura, but we are rowing as hard as we can,  its just everything is against us and nobody know for how long.
I did break down the day before yesturday in front of tom which i really didnt want to do, but i couldnt help it. I kinda take these things personally sometimes. I feel that this situation makes a mockery of everything i stand for and believe in. At school and uni i worked hard and eventually got results dispite not being the brightest spark. Working at roehampton i didnt take a day off for 4 months in the lead up to starting my own busness and that ment i was sucessful straight away. If you put alot into these things you get alot out. But right now, we are and have put alot in and are getting nothing back. It sucks.
The only news i do have is we saw a boat last night, a big one. It was quite away off but we had to pay attenetion. And during the night, there was lightning in the distance, i hoped that would clear this weather system, but then i realsied i hoped!
Right, thats it from this end. Dont forget we are on the radio tonight at 7.45 BBC radio london. I think im gonna do most of the talking this time. The idea was that we would do the interview in sight of land, how wrong were we!!
Have a good day everybody.
ps. We are still raising money for ataxia, i know its hard time but if you can, do dig deep and help us out. All the infor can be seen at our website www.rowingtheatlantic.com with a link to our just giving.

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