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Date: 09 Mar 2010 11:40:13
Title: Oh, come on!!!

So another day and another day on the anchor, This really is the pits.
Looking back on this trip, i dont know where to start, when did it become so misrable? Ah, thats right, everytime we go on the anchor. We have now been on the anchor in total for probably longer than the last few races combined. Who would have thought.
Good news for you......i have more than 2 blogs to go. Actually at the rate we have been going over the last few days, a mile a day, we have 277 days to go...........wwwooooooooooo!!!
Being in the cabin, for me, with my back, is a living nightmere and im not sure what i have done to diserve this. Is it because we changed the name of the boat without a formal do or is it bcause i dropped a food wrapper by mistake in La Gomera. I just dont know.  All i know is that i want to get going.
The sea did change last night at midnight having been woken up by a flying fish on deck. We pulled the anchor in and got rowing again, instantly our mood changed. But then the seas said, no no, not yet and decided to put a head wind in whatever direction we decided to go. So 5 hours later the anchor was out again, and here we are. Winds are straight in our face and we are heading south, no chance of rowing at all. What makes it worst for me??.....hannah is coming out tomorrow to antigua for the week because we should be arriving, the one person im desperate to see, but we have 6 days of rowing ahead of us, are we gonna make it, i hope so but have realized hope is a dangerous word, so i doubt it.
When im rowing im fine and love it, when im not, i hate it. Looking back on this project, it has financially and emotionally crippled me, i was an idiot even trying it and right now want it to end. Its hot and im getting seriously bothered. I would love to have some news for you, but i dont. I tried to sleep on deck the other day as the weather was ment to change, it didnt, i got wet and ended up in the cabin at 4am, no sleep that night. I may have seen a turtle, but it could have been a plastic bag! I may have seen good rowing conditions.........oh no, thats in my mind.
If your bored today, please have a quick pray for us and that the good weather returns, i say good weather, we havent had any yet, lets say rowable weather!!!
From a seriously pssed off me, not knowing what to do, im gonna sign off. Nothing more to say that wont either depress myself or you guys. I hope paul and linda have a good flight today and have a great holiday, maybe we will see them, i hope so............ah, even i forgot, we dont use the word hope anymore, it doesnt work.

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