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Date: 07 Mar 2010 21:08:58
Title: Happy Birthday Grandad

Sorry, me again although there is a reason for it..............I’ve a very special family birthday and Richie kindly let me do today’s blog.


My Grandad turns 79 today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandad.


Grandad is a living legend and is already in Antigua awaiting our arrival. He’ll no doubt be telling every member of bar staff in the hotel that it’s his birthday and that he should get a free cocktail or 10!  I’ve only ever had one Grandad as my Mum’s Dad died 2 months before I was born but he’s more than made up for both.  As a Grandad he’s very unique in my eyes as there’s not many Grandparents who use an iPod, record a video message for their Grandson when he goes to sea, use Facebook (I’m not even on Facebook!) and has a pair of Roller Skates to keep himself fit!


When I first told Grandad that I was entered to row across the Atlantic I think he was very sceptical and perhaps doubted whether it could be done by anyone let alone me. Although initially sceptical he has been nothing but supportive and spent a week in La Gomera with us before we set off. Grandad is used to big ocean going Cruise Liners and when I took him out for a quick paddle in Red Arrow I could read his thoughts, “rather you than me Tommy!”


I have loads of great memories of spending time with Nan and Grandad and none more so when Adam and I used to get sent as kids cargo to Spain to visit them during the school holidays. Mum and Dad would sign us over to the airlines as unaccompanied minors and we’d be met by Nan and Grandad at Malaga arrivals where the airline would sign us over. Now I see why it is so easy to get child labour into a country! Anyhow, one year Nan and Grandad decided they would dress up to meet us. They wore these hideous bright yellow and pink matching shorts and vests, stupid hats and jewellery etc and Adam and I pretended that we didn’t know them! Grandad always has a great sense of humour and is always fun to be around I just hope I’m like that when I’m 79.


I can’t wait to see you in Antigua.




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