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Date: 06 Mar 2010 13:40:30
Title: The list

Hello everybody. (its a long one, sorry!)
Im gonna talk about the race first before i talk about Oli trying to winggle his way into an east twick (not richmond) household via facebook (yes we know!)......burn!!! The past 48 hours has seen two very diffent sides to our race, but quite a fitting one. 48 hours ago we had a reallly good 24 hour period covering 57 miles towards antigua. We have followed that by doing a really bad 24 hours, about 42 miles towards antigua. The good news is that at 10am thismorning we needed to be at 324 to keep us on schedule and we were at 325! Were just experienceing a very strong southerly wind which we are trying to row along side of, its very differcult and quite dishartening, but we battled, got ourselves 7 miles into it and now can spend the day running with it, so hopefully we will make progress. At 7pm last night we had closed in on HCL and Dream maker but i guess now we have droped back again, i believe the tracker didnt respond over night, so like you guys, who knows about our progress!!!
The only bit of drama to tell you about was last night at about 8pm, it was still light and a tanker came on the horizon. It was running at 282 degreess when it finally appeared on our AIS. We were running at 281 degrees and would have got munched had i not played chicken and rowed due north as fast as i could for 10 minutes. We missed it by 400metres or so. Strangley it was quite peaceful and supprisingly refreshing to smell the fumes. We havent smelt anything different for 60 days now. What was bad and i find quite unprofessional was that no one picked up our calls or tried to call us. They were obviously having dinner and ignoring thier alarms. If one of these things hits you, they wouldnt know and as we were beside it, they would have seen us for sure.....very weired.
Ok, the list.
Its no secret that this row was my idea. It was made up in the lower fifth (14yrs old) at school with my then room mate, Jos. We decided we would give it a go. But i never actually thought i would do it. I know that sounds lilke i think we have made it, believe me, i know we havent until we cross that line, but it reads better this way!!! It was a dream of mine, ive spent hours thinking about it, my uni notes are plagued with drawings of the boat etc, it was gonna happen, i just didnt know when.
It was 2007 when the list really emerged. Sitting in my room in Balham, i wrote down seven, of what i saw, as the greatest amature sporting challenges out there and gave myself till i was 35 (ten years to do them). At this point i was already an ironman, maybe that was the catalyst. So here goes:
1. Ironman triathlon (2.4mile swim, 112mile bike, 26.2mile run)
2. Double iron triathlon (4.8mile swim, 224mile bike, 52.4mile run)
3. Triple iron Triathlon (7.2mile swim, 336mile bike, 78.6mile run)
4. Rowing an ocean
5. Badwater Ultra Marathon (135 mile running race in death valley, 120 degrees heat)
6. Arc de Arc (run from marble arch to dover, swim channel, bike from calais to arc de tri (paris, just cant spell it!))
7. Solo RAAM (Bike race across america as a solo)
8,9,10..........to be decided!
So, 1,2 and 3 are done and 4 is almost there. 5 is the target for 2011 but we will see. But what im trying to get at, is that dreams have to be there inorder to be achieved and without dreams, whats the point? I like the fact that when i get up in the morning, im trying to improve myself and be the best of my ability. I would never critise anybody who has a job going nowhere, a social group with no ambition or with no hobbies, but i think they are fundimental in who you are. You need a target and you musnt be scared to fail. I failed my first marathon in 2005 and it sucked, but ill go back and try again at somepoint, maybe next year just to put it to rest. 
I hope antigua arrives soon, and we will hit land sucessful and satisfied. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs as ive tried to tell you how im feeling at that very moment of time wether it be concerns of the challenge or my toilet movemets (which again arent great, ive managed to put weight on, maybe im full of s........) whatever is going on during that day. At this pace we should arrive on friday, a week yesturday. My next blog will be on tuesday and then thursday, the reason im missing monday will become apparent on monday. I want to talk about the boat and my final thank yous and i dont want to jinx the trip so that is why this blog is going now.
Without sounding cheesy, you can achieve whatever you want, you can dream so high you never thought it was possible to reach your target. Dreams and desires are there to be strived for, Achieved and then become stepping stones to the next one. When number 7 is done im sure 8,9 and 10 will become plausable. It might be a deca ironman (10 ironmen on the trott) or prehaps the great swim around Manhatten island, NYC. We will see.
I hope i achieve these things, i hope i have a job that allows me to do it and maybe even a few soponsors along the way. I want to tell people about them as i think its an important part of the journey. I want to open kids minds up and i want simply make people believe. Sam Langmead (2 yrs below at school) is 550 miles behind me having signed up 2 months prior to the race start. We talked for a few hours everyday and quite simply he was worried that he might be stepping on my parade. No chance, i helped him believe and achieve something he wouldnt have thought impossible. Thats enough for me. We very lucky to be here, even when i rant and want to give up, ultimatly we are lucky.
Have a good weekend guys, and speak to you on tuesday.

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