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Date: 02 Mar 2010 17:10:32
Title: Back to basics!!!!

Hi everybody.
I want to start this blog slightly differently to normal by replying to a text we got earlier, then its onto old times, your love it!!!
We got a text this morning from kate. Now to introduce you all to kate, she sends us rubbish jokes each and every day. They do make us laugh but only because they are rubbish yet she would be finding them really really funny nodoubt. Anyway, this morning we got this, "hi boys, just off to macdonalds to have a big mac and fries with a lovely diet coke with ice, happy rowing!". Thanks for that kate, did i tell you that one of my mates thinks your abit chubby round the edges.....who could that be???............burn!!!!!
Last night i was rowing during my 10 till 12midnight shift and, like i mentioned last time, im nearing the time for sunrises and sunsets. Well, i saw the moon rise. It was fantastic, so large and so bright. It reminded me of the walk over waterloo bridge in london at night as the moon was the same colour as big ben's face is at night, a sort of musty white. It was really special taking a break watching the moon, the sea was so so calm and it was so peaceful. It was amazing to sit and push.........the best location for a crap i've ever been in!!! You know i havent talked about that for ages, so i had to put it in!!!
We are genreally making good progress, having covered 50 miles a day, average, since our last anchor stop. At the time of writing this, we have 511miles to go, but this evening we should have broken  the 500 mile marker, a big stepping stone. Even with a slight dealy, which i hope we dont get, we will be walking the beaches in Antigua in under 2 weeks!!! Very cool. What is sad though, is that if we dont get any more delays, i will only have 5 more blogs to do, i hope you have enjoyed them.
Back to now, this morning we decided to see what food we had under the netting in the front cabin. I had spent ages putting it together as it was food we were never going to use but had to stay fixed. We had a result, we got rid of lots but found super noodlles, wet food and edable dry food. We now have at least 2 weeks of really nice food. I thought i was gonna be struggling for the last few weeks but not now. Not only that, we are much lighter at the front, so maybe quicker. We had to take 2 hours out to do it, but i think it will be worth it. (We do still have about 35 days of food left that we wont be eating, if any of the other teams are reading this, we can seel it to you if you need some!!!) Since then it has been rowing, rowing and more rowing inaddition to alot of sweating. A few quick jumps in sea helps that though. I think i mentioned in my last blog about touching the bottom, i tried, but no luck this time. The map says 4000m, so maybe tomorrow.....!!!
Right, i think im gonna go, i was also asked in an email about how the anchors work, not a clue. I just chuck it in the water and bring it in when its done. It seems to work though, amazing bits of kit.
So, i will speak to you on thursday, hopefully able to report about having 400 miles to go, keep everything crossed.
See ya

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