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Date: 28 Feb 2010 20:33:57
Title: Finally.....

Hello everybody,
Guess who.....? It me!
So, we are moving again. YES!!!! I've come to realise all my low points are when we have stopped or are looking like we are about to. The problem is that during this race we have had to stop far more times than in previous races. TWO and half weeks in total we have spent on the anchor or moving so slowly that we prehaps should have been. Never has a race been so slow, other than charlie but like i say, we are moving and at least there hasnt been a period where we have been on anchor and our rivals have not.......yet at least.
The last 24 hour period has been just amazing, exactly what i wanted to experience out of this trip. We had dolpins that were great but not with us for long and then in the evening was where it became special. The way our shifts have worked out, after we changed them when tom was having his bad patch at 2am till 4 has ment that i havent seen a sunset or sunrise whilst rowing yet. But last night, as the sun was setting over my shoulder, the moon was rising right ahead of me. A full monn that is, the sort that keeps the night as bright as the day all night long. On top of that, it was so calm you almost didnt want to put your oar in the water as you didnt want to disturb the surface. It should now be with us for a few days atleast. We also did 54 miles and although have slowed slightly today, would like to think we can do 50. Its 8.25 now and we have 599 to run.
On top of this, as we continue to move west, eventually i will get a few days where i see the sun rise and the sun set, should be pretty cool.
I spoke to sam, an old cranleighian as well yesturday, and he is doing well dispite still having 1130 miles to run. That must be hard. But he told us that he had heard that many of the boats ahead of us had or where running out of food. If your reading this as friends of the boats ahead, we took all 90 days with us and although  we have chucked alot of the food that goes off in june overboard, we still have about 35 days of food each left. If they want some, they can come and get it, we wont see it as assistance, but you have to give us your race position. Any takers.....?
Ok, thats it really, no big boats and no other major problems. We thought we did have one as we werent able to power our batteries very well over the last few days, as it turns out, when we run our water maker at 12noon, the sun is actually 4 hours behind that and so very weak. Today we didnt run anything until 4pm and it was all fine, we even have music going now, and its 8.30!!!! Its also very very hot and even hotter in the cabin. About 100 degrees i would say and maybe 110-115 in the cabin. Thank god we can jump into the sea, which is becoming a regular for both of us, maybe tomorrow we will see if we can touch  the bottom! and thank god we have a water maker that makes 25 litres an hour as we are drinking loads. Some boats have machines that make 4 litres per hour! Different ball game.
I hope you guys have had a good weekend, speak to you on tuesday.
ps, we are having a few problems getting on line some days, if there is no blog, please dont think we have sunk. We maywell have sunk, but give it a few days before you start to worry......!!!!

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