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Date: 26 Feb 2010 14:21:37
Title: Bad weather again!!!

Hi guys,
So i have had a really bad few days again mentally, but im not gonna send another one of those blogs!!!!!
Since we have been out at sea now, all the charts suggest we should be having good conditions but i can count on one hand the amount of days that we have had correct winds and waves. Its soul distroying. The lack of space and decent food is also a major factor for me. And im letting it show. Tom gets very frustrated with me as i tell him im having a shit day and i take things personally when we arent moving, thats just how i am. I dont think he has had a good day yet, or a bad day or for that matter an indifferent day. Neither of our mind sets are bad, just deal with things in totally different ways.
So we went on para anchor two days ago now having made no distance at all and although we started rowing again, tom has just said we arent making any progress, so i guess we will be stopping again.......this sucks.
On top of all of this, our water maker decided to break yesturday, we got informed that our AIS, although was telling ships we were there, was not telling them what we are, where we are going etc and also our VHF isnt very strong and that the big tanker yersturday that tom talked about had to get close for us to hear him.
Well, to stop panic back with you, i managed to get the water maker working again by reseting the whole thing. Thankfully we have a spare and we are close enough to antigua that we have more than enough fresh water on board so im not worried about that anyway. Going through the AIS, the laptop says that its all fine but going through the settings on the system itself i saw that our details were "hidden" so i turned that off. Hopefully that will do the trick. The VHF, is just a weak signal, there is nothing we can do about that, i think "so it is what it is", as i like to say, is the attitude ill take for that one. 
Thats about it really, we had some dolphins visit just as i started to row again but they disappeared as quickly as they arrived. I did an hour  of rowing and now tom is doing his hour just so we get back into our shifts. I suspect we will put the anchor out again and the frustration grows. Never has there been such a slow race. I must say a congrates to charlie for finishing but with the other solo's so far behind, up to 1700 miles you cant help thinking sorry for the guys at the back.  Its such ashame this race has been marred by so many miss fortunes and delays. I just hope that bosses and work collogues see the problems and that no body looses jobs etc over this,.
I talked alot before we started about what i was looking forward to the most well i was so looking forward to rowing under a full moon. We are gonna see two on this trip and on both occassions we are gonna be stuck in the cabin, smelly, no room and all the rest. If ive lerant a few things from this trip its, im never doing anything like this again whatever i get asked to do, ill value everything have back at home much  much more and although i wont stop doing these challenges ill stick  to the more physical ones rather than the mental ones. You have no control out here and it does my head in.
Enjoy the rain guys, god i wish i was there.

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