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Date: 18 Dec 2009 20:47:09
Title: Busy days but no work.........

After our short BBC interview on Thursday morning on the Thames it has been a busy couple of days. Once the camera crew had left us in their boat by Chiswick Bridge we had a good 45 minute row with Coach Amy shouting the orders at Rich and I. We had to have a relatively short session on the river because the Oxbridge crews were having trials for the Boat Race along that stretch and the river had to be clear of all boats for the pro's! It was very fresh out on the river with a bitterly cold wind but really good to get some time on the water in.
Thursday afternoon I spent catching up on rowing admin  - website updates, replying to various emails, ordering final odds and sods we'd initially overlooked so that they'd arrive before we fly out on the 27th, organising films for our Toughbook (which is pretty much an Ocean proof laptop) so we've got something to watch on our 2 hours "off" or when we're stuck in the cabin because of bad weather and getting our Trans World Sport loan camera that broke to be replaced. Although, I've not returned back to work at IMG I've certainly not been scratching around for things to do during the day! However, it certainly hasn't been easy not having an income for the last month and the sooner the race starts the better - I won't be able to spend any money whilst I'm at sea! 
Thursday night was a night off rowing and I headed up to the IMG Christmas party at Pacha nightclub. IMG Media (my team) lost 6-1 to IMG in the annual afternoon football match although we did score first! It was a great to catch up with colleagues who thought I should be mid Atlantic although I did spend most of the evening explaining about the flares, bad weather and the revised start date - which was to be expected. My slight hangover was cured by the IMG canteen full English breakfast this morning - lovely.
I popped round this afternoon to see my friend James Downie who has Ataxia for a catch up cuppa. I'm so pleased he is so heavily involved with our project as he designs our amazing website, brilliant                     e-newsletters and apart from being a Villa fan is such a top guy. He's always so positive, such good company to be around and for me personally, is so inspiring. I'm so glad we are raising money to help find a cure for Ataxia which I hope will be in James' lifetime.  
I watched BBC Sports Personality of the year earlier as the live broadcast was when Rich and I were flying home on Sunday evening. It is unquestionably my favourite programme of the year and I'm not ashamed to tell you all that I shed some tears! Rich did however ruin the outcome for me earlier in the week when he emailed me on Tuesday and said "I can't believe Giggs won" - thanks mate!
This weekend I'm planning to arrange my 7000 songs on new enormous 64GB iTouch into some playlists that will keep me entertained for 2 months plus a few sessions at the Gym. If anyone has some must have songs/audiobooks/podcasts etc then please drop me a line.
Seasons Greetings to you all.
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