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Date: 24 Feb 2010 12:58:09
Title: oh the pain!!!!

Hello everybody,
Well, what a 48 hours it has been, we have covered nearly 110 nmiles and we are getting closer. As of now, 680 nmiles to run. We do though have a very strong shoutherly wind, one that comes form the south and comes across the boat, makes rowing very uncomfortable and why todays blog is about how my body is holding up. No laughter here im afraid!!!
When asked about the row prior to leaving the uk, my answer was always the same. Physically i didnt think it was gonna be that hard but mentally, it was. Well the first 3 weeks where we were going so slowly and yet i was working my guts off, proved, without doubt just how hard it was gonna be mentally. But the physical stress has been a general grind. And not in an exercise way, but just how durable the body is. We will start from the bottom and work my way up.
Feet: Before we left the uk, tom brought two different types of shoes as they were seen as the ones to wear. Now, neither worked for me so i brought some more pratical ones that worked for me, ironically from a pertol station type shop in La Gomera. These twined with shocks for every shift, has ment no blister or pain. During the really hot days, there is some heat rash, but nothing really.
Legs:The legs have almost disappeared into nothing. Having not walked more than a foot for the past 50 days, its not suprising. Thank god i ran everyday in La Gomera. Irronically, yesturday was the day i was due to leave  for portugal to train the UK Paraolympic squad and needed to ride my bike, no chance now. But, the stress fracture i had in my ankle at the begining of the race seems to have sorted itself out. The legs get quite a pounding from the oars when you get a stroke wrong with the waves so i dont have much hair left on my sore shins. You also get spots where salt is left to set, suncream is constantly rubbed on or where skin hits skin. It doesnt hurt, but a hot shower or two shoudl, i hope, get rid of it pretty quickly.
BUM: This is by far the sorest part of my body. "We" decided to change our seat last minute which wasnt bright but tom was convinced it would help. So, i went along with it. Oh, how sore am i now. These cross waves make every stroke very very very painful as it forces you to roll with the boat. If it was blisters it would be ok, you could treat them but its just pressure where my bum doesnt sit in the seat correctly. Its like a hot poker stabbing you. I cant go into too much detail, it hurts and makes my eyes water just thinking about it. But i figure there is no point changing whilst my miles are still the same as toms. It makes sense for only one sore bum on the boat rather than 2!!!
Torso and arms: Fine
Face: Beautiful! I do have a sore throat and a few mouth ulcers which make eating differcult, but bonjela is doing its thing.
Arms: Crafted
Fingers: Oh my god, almost as sore as my ass. My left hand pertualarly is like a claw, i cant straighten it, i cant bend it and its worse at night. When you put your shirt on whilst sitting in the cabin, both your fingers and bum are so so sore. I cant wait to have my hands masxsaged. No blisters thankfully, lots of callases but no blisters.
So thats the story of my body. Its my mind that will give up first and theres no point now so the body should be ok Alot of swearing and eye watering moments to come, but we will get there. IT WILL COME!
Right, im almsot boring myself writing this, god knows how you are reading it. Have a good day guys, hopefully we willl have made more progress  the next time i write.
rich xxxx

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