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Date: 20 Feb 2010 13:19:42
Title: WOW!

Hello everybody.
The reaction to my last blog was staggering, Did you actually think i would give up.............? Joking aside, i was besides myself. BUT we got through it, manly with all your emails of support and soon after THAT blog, things got better and we started moving. Funny how that happened. We actually only lost about 20miles of ground and once the boat moved again, we made it all up again. On top of that, it seems we are the only one moving today of the boats around us. I feel sorry for the others but, i know i shouldnt say this, alittle smile has appeared on my face. I dont want to name anybody out, but Jane, your email was the best and the most inspiring one for me.
So, whats been going on here......again not alot really. Both tom and myself have seen airoplanes at night, havent seen that before and also the moon has returned. Only small but it will get bigger. I was gutted when its was a full moon last time as we were on the sea anchor and stuck in the cabin. It is one part of the trip i have looking forward to. Hopefully the weather will hold.
The water is flat flat calm at the moment with no movement at all. We had a very slow night and yes, i was begining to think the worse again, but thismorning, under the same conditons, the boat is moving well. It is also about 100 degrees right now and the sun has been up for only 2 hours, were in for a hot one. Infact, tom just jumped in to cool off and was 10 metres behind the boat in a second. Im writing the blog, and cant hear anything, so im asuming he's ok!!! The problem with the sun is that i cant really enjoy it as i was given so many lectures about sunburn before i left, if i get sunburnt, all your say is "told you so" and that thought just bores me.
The only one bit of drama i can think of right now is that i thought i had some blisters on my bum, so i used the trusty savlon spray. Lay down to sleep and all was fine. When i woke up, the towl was stuck to me. I didnt have blisters but once i removed the towel, i didnt have any skin left.....brilliant!!!! Any to reply to a few text, you know what, was found.
Right, things are much better here today, slow but better. Thank you so much for your support and im so glad that my blogs, which i write as i see things are having such an effect on so many of you. We have around 3 weeks to go, if the weather holds; last night it dawned on me, we have three weeks, if we row at that speed. Still 900 miles to go, but it will come.
Its challenges like these that make me breath and tick, its people like you, who make thoses ticks and breaths worthwhile.
Will be back in a few days
Rich and TERRY, yes Terry has returned!!!  

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