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Date: 16 Feb 2010 13:31:10
Title: A lesson, a goodbye and a apinful encounter with a jacket!

Hello everybody,
    To begin, we got a text this morning from both Rachel and Lin (past owners of this boat) to say that 2 years ago today they arrived in ANTIGUA! Were getting there but we did start a month behind. But it reminds you that it can be done, and before we know it, it will be our time.
A lesson:
    We have been getting text messages and email through about our route and distances etc and yes, like you, i was confused to begin with. But i thought i would give you a quick leeson on how it works. Although the simple answer is that we put the weypoint in the GPS and follow the dot, I for one am also plotting our way on the map incase our systems suddenly go down. If you get yourself an ocean map this will all make sense, infact, any map to the world will probably do it.  
    Looking at a map, the ocean is split in to degrees of lat and long. Each degree is split into 60 minutes with each minute being the same as a 1nmile. 1 nmile is slightly different to a normal mile but its there or thereabouts for the purpose of this. The startline was N28.05.193 W17.06.612. The finish line is N16.58.9 W61.44.8 and we are currently at N18.00.00 W43.29.331. We should drift the "N" lat without too much trouble and so we have 18 degrees west to go. From this youcan then work out your distance to run etc. 
    I believe on the woodvale website it talks about DMG (Daily milage to the good), This number is how many miles we are doing that is taking us to antigua. We should now be gaining the whole time, that is our distance covered be very simlar to DMG. At the beginning it was well off as we were tracking south and south only and yet the DMG wanted us to go direct.  At the current speed, we are covering 1 degree a day, but we are going well. One day of bad weather and this can all change! Does that make sense? The optimists amongst you will work out we have around 18 days more at sea. I hope that right!!!!
A Goodbye:
    Now, im not sure if this is official or not as i may have had a sighting at about 3am thismorning, but terry is no longer with us, i think. I havent seen him for around 2 days now and so im inclinded to say he has gone. Maybe he saw more fun in willy and wilma  but he was with us for 10 days and it was great having him around. Somebody emailled to say they travel at 55 miles an hours, i dont blame him for getting bored!!! Maybe he will return, i will let you know if he does!!!
An encounter with a jacket:
    Because my bum is quite sore at the moment, at nights everything gets exagerated as because its dark you have nothing else to think about. So, over the last few weeks, once we have changed over, i promtly get naked from the waist down and it eases the pain created by the seems of my pants and our wooden seat on my ass. Well, last night it was quite choppy and so i was wearing a jacket. Our musto jackets have velcro at all the ends (arms, waist and neck) and as a big wave crashed over the top of us, i decided to do eveyrthing up. Now sitting rowing, your not sure weather to put, you know what, above your legs of below. On this occassion it was above. I didnt think anything of it at all untill 10 minutes before my shift ended i decided to stand up inorder to put my pants on. Little did i know that my velcro waist strap was under, you know what, and standing up ment that using velcro, you know what, found itslef being pulled up far quicker than its ment to be. Without going into too much detail, i believe im now a women and that, you know what, is either still in my jacket or somewhere on the deck floor.
Enjoy your day guys, its overcast here, but on we go!!!

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