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Date: 14 Feb 2010 12:56:34
Title: up up up and away!!!

Hello everybody............................................................its me!!!
How are you all today? Red arrow is on the move again after we decided to have a night on the anchor as progress was so slow yesturday. When we got the stats through that we were the only boat moving forward, but it was hard, we decided we could afford a rest and get going this afternoon. Better still, even though we dont know what other boats have been doing, conditions are good now and we were back rowing at 10am thismorning covering in 2 hours what took us 8 yesturday. Were on the move, were not racing but we are defo chasing!!!! The only down side...? my fingers have totally sezed up, they are better once i row but not rowing kills them!
So, i know tom mentioned the whales yesturday, but did he tell you i nearly went def because of them. I admittly got quite excited as these whales (willma and willy) were with us for at least 3 hours that when they were behind us and went under i decided to take an underwater photo but stuck my head under as well. Little did i know that they would be talking to each other and the high pitch nosie was defening. If you think listening to your mother is bad, this was really bad. BUT i got my photo, not as foxy as Terry's miss'es but they were very good looking/handsome. At one point you could see there finn's ahead of the boat with us following going into the sunset, it was amazing!
On top of this, that night i did a 10 hours shift. How did i do that? It was simple really, and i cant tell you why i remember this one. I did my shift from 10 till 12 midnight and then returned to the cabin. I promtly fell asleep where by i dreamt that i was on the thames with two clients of mine, david M and philip F. The problem is is that david tends to peak too early and so i was left, after about 10 minutes to take his place in the boat. It was fine, but when i got woken up by tom to do my shift i couldnt understand why i was rowing again. Not thinking too much about it, i started my shift and saw it through to 4am. Back to sleep, the same dream occured ecept this time it was phiip who was nackered and i rowed again only to be followed by tom calling me again. OH the confussion, had me all over the place. It then took me all day to recover!!!
I promise you it might sound like im loosing my mind, but im not.........honest.
Right, im gonna go, but two messages for people following text messages:
Anton, i think we have done what you wanted............its been our target from the start. Might be worth printing it off as we dont know how long it will last.
Oli Dud: Mate, your texts are great, they are the ones we look forward to the most, and have us laughing the most. You have won joke of the day according to Dave the Dorado. Except Terry the tuna reckons it was rubbish and im afraid he's more important........!!!!!! 
speak in a few days.

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