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Date: 10 Feb 2010 13:40:34
Title: Half way approaches

Hello all!
So progress has continued to be good over the last few days and we are making good speed to the finish. We should be half way by either today or tomorrow, except we dont know where half way is, with the second half traditionally being faster than the first............in our case, it better be.
On a personal level, the days seems to be flowing into the nights now which i figure is a good thing as it means the days are going quicker now and so tghe fisnish will be with us sooner. The waves are good and the sun is out, except at night!! Last night was an intresting one, we4 had some very serve rain that seemed to disappear as fast as it arrived.But proper rain, the rain that gets you soaked! One good thing though is that erowing in pants, it gets rid of the suncream on your legs, the factor 50 paste that gets everywhere.
Ive personally been struggling at night the last three nights with my distance for the thre shifts moving from 15 miles down to13/14. Not a big difference, but it annoys me. Its because iu keepfalling alseep. However, terry is doing his best. Last night we begain to drift north as i feel asleep rowing only to be woken up but terry doing a huge jump and bellly flop about 10 yards from the boat. It was almost that he knew i was falling asleep! Was amazing actually.
Today we are airing the cabin, and so far so good, also, as i write this, we can see a tanker, out second boat of the trip during the day...........exciting times on red arrow!!
Ok, sorry for the sorter blog than normal, am tired today and my fingers are hurting. We are doing a radio interview tomrrow, same as before, tune in if you can, its 7.45 bbc radio london.

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