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Date: 08 Feb 2010 13:12:44
Title: my back

Hello everybody.
So, at 7.05am this morning i was rowing away and suddenly there was a thud. It was straight in my kindey's and yes, it hurt.My reaction was to turn around in the hope of seeing mike tyson standing there, but nothing. I decided to try rowing again and to my suprise, everything was fine. What had just happened, had it been a quick spasam odf my back, the sort that comes as quickly as i it goes. About 2 minutes later, i heard a flapping noise, the sort when you tap dance without shoes on, and the smell, oh, the smell. Lokking down between my legs and thinking about the smell i feared the worse! Only to find a flying fish. No chance at all is stepping on this one, it was massive and giving it some.
No, most of you know that despite doing a challenge like this or the triple ironman tri or some of the other stupoid stuff ive done, i do infact get scared by insects. When i focused on the fish i cant tell you how quickly i scrambled to the far end of the boat and just sat there!!! Watching in both hope and more hope that either it would die or jump back over deck. It did neither.
Plucking up the courage to pick it up, using the bucket, i flung it over board and told terry to enjoy it. But whose terry i hear you ask???
Three days ago were were joined by 4 or 5 large yellow finned tuna of which one has remained. He swims just ahead of us and looks out for us. Called terry as i dint know whether he was infact a he or a she, i thought "terry the tuna" fitted quite well. Gracefully he went away when tom was in the water yesturday but soon returned with a mate. Clearly terry is a boy as his friend was defo a female and actually quite fit. Who would of known we would be hanging out in the atlantic with a tuna fish! And a good looking one at that.
We are moving quite well now, 60 miles from 12noon to 12noon so we are making progress. Thats all to say really today, im sure there's more but that can wait.
Signing out from almost 37degrees west,
richie, tom and terry.

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