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Date: 06 Feb 2010 13:39:03
Title: Hello from 35 degress west

Hello everybody.
When you get an email like this:
Howzit your brave rough and ready ocean oaks reading your blog is like sooo
interesting.  You guys are so specific and I have such a good imangination.
 Want to say I salute you…..you are absobladilootlyfantasic.  You reward is
on the horizon…go get it….victory is only but a wave, a wave, a wave….away.
Its one hellofa thing that you chaps are doing and I am still amazed at the
courage and bravery that this challenge has demanded.  Just to leave you
with the thought for today.  LIVE WELL, LOVE MUCH AND LAUGH OFTEN  & of
course keep rowing along until you hear the song…..WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF
THE WORLD….cause that is what you are. Well done……..stay strong, stay brave,
stay focused and never loose your sense of humour…….its the final fix to get
you home……love and hugs from Tess in good ole East London, south africa.
Its hard not to get inspired. We have had so much support form all over the world it is quite amazing. As far as new zealand, USA, South africa, all over really and most of them we dont even know! Thank you so so much. Please keep them coming, they mean alot and keep us....well me, on the right side of sanity!
So its a scorcher today but still not sunburnt, somehow. I bet i will get to regret saying that by tomorrow. But we are making great progress and have moved up a few postions over night and as far as i can see are way above the average for distance travelled over the last 24 hours or so. And we are trying but we are in a routine which is nice. The seas are calm and the boat is moving well. BUT, most improtantly, WE SAW A BOAT!!! Again at nighttime so i didnt actually see it, more just the lights, but it was strangley exciting.
When this challenge first came about and took shape i obviously read all the books out there, not just because they had pictures but also most have big writing as well! However, ben fogle talks about the cluster of stars that form a huge question mark. Now i did see this a few weeks ago, but i needed to confrim it. It seems to come and go but last night on a still and clear night, it was there all night. Are we gonna make it, what can and will go wroing between now and the finish.....who knows, but we are gonna give it our best shot, thats for sure. It was amaxing to see.
I managed to have a good wash as well yesturday, did some washing of cloths as well. Head and shoulders sampoo all the way and it made you realise just how much salt is around. My legs were unrecognisable afterwards and i have been making a big effort to stay clean. The greatest thing is you feel great afterwards. Well, some of us do. Those who know tom know that he is very specific in his cleaning habits and as i was rowing i could hear him washing each and every part of his body. I have to say, he spelt pretty good and looked fresh. I think it took him about 45 minutes in all. He then proceeded to come past me holding onto the boat and more crutially some of his cloths, not a good idea. A wave came and he swayed left, then right, left again and as he moved right for the final time he grabed hold of the oar.....except he missed! With a little jump to get clear he entered the vast water space that is the atlantic. The atlantic, that is, that is salty and cold, not the place to be once your clean. I naturally put the oars down, stood up and went to help. Once i saw he had caught up with the boat (amazing how fast thew current is!) i laughed, oh i laughed. Infact it made the whole night go really very fast!!!
So, thats about it. It wont be a regular thing copying in emails but this one i wanted to share.
Have a great weekend.
ps. sorry greg, totally forgot!!!

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