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Date: 02 Feb 2010 13:34:21
Title: were moving

Hello everybody,
This morning was a great start to the day. I opened today's letter and fround some cereal, was brilliant. Also, had some milk for some tea at the bottom of my compartment, was like being at home, my first shift was easy!!!!! Thanks Hannah!
So at 2pm yesturday, i told tom we were rowing again. I was fed up with sitting around doing nothing and to be honest, i was beginning to get a bit sore lying on my back in a smelly cabin doing nothing. The local weather around us suggested we went abit early, but we battled away and in the last 24 hours, with winds not favourable, we managed 40 miles according to our GPS. What this means to our distnace towards antigua, i have no idea, but we are moving.
We have rowed since 2pm yesturday in a shift patteren that left me on the grave yard shift again, 2-4am. But it was fine. Although i was gutted having not seen the full moon this last week i was treated to an amost full moon come over the horizon and then sit above us like a light bulb. When it happened, i was thinking about everybody i know, so tonight, around 11pm your time, have a look out the window and look at it, i will be doing the same.
The winds have now changed and are more in our favour, not perfect, but getting there. I hope we can do 4 or 5 days of 50 milers, i really dont see why not. Im kinda at a loss as to why we havent been able to so far on a regular bases but im defo trying and tom certianlly tooks like he is, i just dont know why were arent and everybody else is.
I was shocked with how simple it was in La Gomera to pass race rules without showing much proof of food. Maybe this is where we are at fault, were in a heavy boat because we could feed africa and other crews cant?? Who knows.
I havent really got too much to write about.....again. I was thinking i might to a bonno-ess pretching session about how beautiful the world is out here, but im gonna hold fire until we have had a few good days of weather pushing us towards the finish. I dont want the atlantic thinking ive let my guard down just yet, there is a fairly long way to go. Having said that by the end of next week we could be at halve way, if the weather holds, that would be great.
Ok, im gonna sign out, please keep sending the emails and texts, they always make us smile. But i must warn you, we are having problems with our sat phone and all this communication happens through this, so if you dont hear from us, dont panic. Only if the dot disappeares, then panic!!!!
speak to you all soon.
char earn: thanks for the emails batman, also texts. And your hat  is doing great!
greg, no words this time to put in the blog. Did anybody spot them last time??????! 

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