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Date: 31 Jan 2010 10:19:54
Title: cabin fever

Cabin fever alround today. Its sunday and we came in on wednesday i think, so 5 das now and looking like another 2 to go. We might get lucky and start rowing tomorrow, but we will see.
Having said that, this time in the cabin has allowed me and tom to learn a few things about each other. Firslty we both smell. I have to say, i smell worse than him but thatsa mainly to my smelly towl which HE washed the other day and it smelt worse after the wash than before. Secondly, if we could, we would both be off to Goumety burger bar right now and have a bananna milkshake, ah, that would be great. Thirdly and possibly, the funnest for me, is just how long it takes him to right a blog and that he has a template for them. Now, i was thinking about this over night (whilst he was sleeping in his starfish pose which gives me no room), if he writes his blogs like that, you guys must be getting super factual blogs from him. All organised and to the point. Mine on the otherhand have been exactly how i have seen the situation on that day. I hope both have been effective in thier own ways.
One of the hardest things for me about being in the cabin is that i cant have my daily cry. Being so close to "emotionless" tom as we will call him, and im sure he wont mind me saying that, is that i cant express myself how i would have liked to. you always feel better after a cry. Maybe im not so tired and im getting away from it, but its differecult to get my head around sometimes!!!!
So, i havent ventured out the cabin much but i did yesturday manage to spend an hour of so on deck. I even managed some food, clean my teeth and a poo (i wont go on about it, but i wasnt that gutted when the bedpan disappeared!) but since then have been back in the cabin. The waves havent been that big just hitting the boat quite hard. Its funny, its the small ones that sound the worse, but we are still serviving. Although last night i was talking alot in my sleep, im not quite away with the fairies just yet. No doubt that day will come.
The most frustrating thing about this whole process is the sitting around knowing that you are going backwards, all be it, not much and others are moving back more. Our GPS says we lost another 8 miles last night but i think that is more on our next weypoint rather than antigua. We are defo drifiting south which is why we have taken the route we have to allow us to do that so it cant be all bad. The only really pain is that we are now the wrong side of W31 Degrees but its ok.
So, on the agenda today, we get to have a new years eve party tonight, sparklers and all, thanks hannah, then its off to bed before we/i row until we cant row no more and antigua hopefully stops us. I haver no idea where this acceleration zone is or weather we are in it, but if it does exist, we will let you know when we are moving. 50 miles a day will get us in on 6th march,  i hope we can do something like that, there's no excuss why we cant. I think i talk on behalf of both of us, we just want to get moving, make progress and get home.
signing out,
gerg, got a few in there.
ness, massive congrats, am thinking of you.
hello everybody else!!!

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