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Date: 30 Jan 2010 17:04:11
Title: Still not moving!

I know I said I was getting tired and could do with a nights sleep to recharge but 4 days of doing nothing is too much! Rich and I are still stuck on our para anchor as the wind and wave direction are both coming from the West (the direction we want to travel) but we aren’t able to row against >25kt winds and 30ft waves. Instead for the last 4 days solid we have been tossed around like clothes in a washing machine!


The most bizarre thing is that since we haven’t been rowing we’ve actually overtaken some of the other boats in the fleet. We had considered adopting this tactic all the way across to Antigua until my mathematician Dad said it would take us an additional 941 days (just over two and a half years)! We’ve decided that once the weather turns, which the forecasts show as being Tuesday at the earliest, we’ll get back on the oars.


Days at Sea:                 26 (tomorrow will be our 4th week at sea)

Last 24 Hours:              We’ve done very little over the last 24 hours apart from ate, slept, talked and played games. We haven’t rowed since 11:30 on Wednesday 27th.

Other Boats:                 Nope, still not heard or seen any.

What’s been happening?

An update from the last couple of days…………………

1.     Cabin Fever

I cannot begin to describe how unbearable it is for 2 six foot men to be confined to this cabin for the majority of each day. The limited amount of space, the dampness, the rising temperature throughout the day and the close proximity of each other is very testing. We haven’t argued but we wouldn’t want many more days of this. Rich is currently glued to my right shoulder and it is very uncomfortable to type this blog on my lap. Red Arrow actually has a bigger cabin than most of the fleet (one of the reasons we bought her) so I’d dread to think how some of the other teams are fairing.

2.     20:00 Movie           

This has been the highlight of each day for me as it seems so surreal to be watching decent films in a cabin, somewhere in the Atlantic. We strap an iTouch to the internal cabin roll bar frame with duct tape and connect an adaptor (thanks Laura) so that both our headphones can play sound. Rich and I lie back and watch a film each night. No popcorn or kissing but I think it’s pretty cool. So far we’ve watched all of the 3 Bourne films and I’m not so keen to watch the Perfect Storm or Titanic though!

3.     Foot well full

Most mornings we wake up and look out the cabin window to see a foot well full of water. The waves break over the sides of the gunnels and the water that doesn’t filter back into the ocean through the scupper gates on deck flows into the foot well - which is a design feature of the boat. One morning I scooped 20 buckets of water out before finishing the job with the bilge pump. Water fills the foot well during the days as well and every time we venture out of the cabin one of us will empty the water.

4.     Toilet Lost

Ellie – I’m sorry, the toilet you bought us was ripped off the side of the boat the other night and we were just left with the lanyard. In case you were wondering we’re now using on of our spare buckets.

5.     Quiz Update

We’re still playing and it is getting very competitive. Rich has clawed back some ground and we’re now drawing on the number of actual quizzes won but I have a few more individual points!


Looking forward to:     

  1. Rowing again – in a strange way, when you are rowing you are craving time off to rest and sleep and now we’ve had that all we want to do is row. We both actually said we miss it!
  2. Murray winning his first Grand Slam.
  3. The Six Nations kicking off next weekend.

Email of the day goes to Aunty Jean (AJ). One of my ambitions whilst rowing was to try and learn a language however I didn’t bring any material with me to do that. Thankfully, AJ sent me some Chinese to learn – you must read them out loud.

That's not right!                         Sum Ting Wong
Are you harbouring a fugitive?   Hu Yu Hai Ding
See me ASAP                           Kum Hia Nao
Stupid Man                               Dum Fuk
Small Horse                              Tai Ni Po Ni


Some personal messages from me………….


Mitas                -           Hello in NY. Thanks for all the texts and I can see you’re struggling with 160 characters??? Tip for you – you can send more than one text just say at the top of the text – “text 1” or send us over an email.


Steve Voice -                Thanks for a quality letter and I’m so pleased Laura had arranged this as it is such a nice surprise. I love your suggestion about what Reynolds and I should do at your wedding – consider it done. I’m really looking forward (invited or not) to the wedding later this year. Hope everything is going well in NY. I hope Mitas hasn’t ruined your apartment’s en-suite like she did at the Rammo’s!


Lucy Pittey       -           Hello – what a nice surprise. Good to hear from you and I hope married life is treating you and Jon well. Long overdue a catch up when I get back.


Livvy                -           Next weekend you’ll be a 30 year old carnivore. How hard is it to send me an email???? Send it to Laura and she’ll forward on.  


The row must go on – Antigua here we come.



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