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Date: 29 Jan 2010 10:24:13
Title: day 3

Hi boys and girls,
So, here we are, day 3 on the anchor and by all accounts we are doing ok. Apparently we moved up 2 places yesturday without even rowing a stroke. Maybe if that continues we just wont bother rowing anymore. Additionally, 2 days ago, we covered more ground than charlie pitcher, mybe we have cracked him. The pressure we put him under was just to much!!!!
Right, whats life like on red arrow at the moment. Well. going outside isnt really too much of an option. Firstly, you get wet, secondly, you put everybody at risk as for that moment you leave, the door is open and you are at the mercy of the sea. So, on three occasions we have gone out, got wet and water has come into the cabin, we just dont learn. The cabin is fine, there is no space, its damp, it smells and more than anything i have to share it with tom. He would say the same, its ok, but he has to share it with me!!! It gets hot during the day, so we both sweet loads, were eating alot of fruit and sugar so we are farting alot and both of us are so intelegent (even i know thats spelt wrong!) conversation revolves around food we like or would like right now and pub quiz questons out of a book we were given just before we left. Our top score is 6 out of 20, brilliant.
The weather has really set in and is due to continue for another 4 days so we should, if all goes well be out rowing come monday evening. And i for one cant wait. Although my bum is enjoying the rest, my hands are getting very sore as the tendons had got used to rowing and now are trying to get back to normal. The problem with that is, is that when they recover, they will be rwowing again. Having had no porblems with my back whilst rowing, being in the cabin is almost totally umbareable and im very sore. At one point the other night, it was effecting my breathing which was not nice.
So, theres not much  else to say, its not that rough its just too rough to row and the winds are in totally the wrong direction to do anything. It was a full moon last night which was amazing, such a shame were werent rowing with it, burt i guess we will get another chance, hopefully just the once!
im missing alot from back home and sitting in the cabin is hard without letting your mind wounder, but we will gwt to antigua, eventually and before we know it, wish we were back out here!
signing out, i know ive missed things i wanted to say, but hey, there will be other times nodoubt!
ps. David and fiona, thank you for your gift, pisses tom right off! also, david, thanks for looking after mum, hannah said you were doing a great job!

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