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Date: 27 Jan 2010 09:39:50
Title: Slow progress!

I got an email today from a client saying there are 17 quadbillion gallons of water in the Atlantic. I disagree. I reckon there was but now there is 17 quadbillion gallons of trickle. In another email, a client told me that after 7 months of looking after her new child, she is now getting a full nights sleep and is using the gym more often. Begs the questions, why has it taken for me to go away for her to use the gym. Another email talked about going to an itilian restruant when i get home, whats wrong with the dried rashions i have on board? The spag bowl is fantastic, especially when you add water to the line and you end up with "vomit in a bag".
Guys, i know i havent been replying to emails very much, but they are great, please keep them coming. Its the everyday stuff i miss and so it keeps me shane.  Laura Price, of Earlsfeild, yes i will go out for dinner with you when i get back, but please no footsie under the table this time and defo no sweet talk. I dont fancy you!!!!!
So, what to talk about today? Well the forecast was for the wind to pick up from totally the wrong driection, and stop us in our tracks for 4 days or so, and it looks like they have it right. After our quick day (which by the way, were you impressed with my blog prodiction, i had to put in an 8 mile shift at he begining which killed me but we managed it!) it was about 3am last night that i noticed it changed and we will push on as far as we can into it, but progress is now slow. Something in the region of 29 miles in the last 20 hours.
But, we are making progress. Our trusty spanish flag which we shouldnt have up anymore (typical, just came back to life) died yesturday and our british ensign flag came to life at the same time. Was this a sign that we had left spainish water and were flying the flag for the uk, i like to think so. Both are flying hansomly now, just in the wrong direction.
We saw alittle more wildlife again last night and only because my feet were twitching whilst rowing and i thought something was attaching the rudder. And yes, three large fish were nibbling away. I wish some bugger hadnt slolen our fishing line in La Gomera, we could have had a nice feast.
Tom, has just come in to say that progress is rubbish, i think we are gonna have to rest now, this is gonna suck if it lasts as long as its ment to! The blogs might become alittle random as well as we both go crazy!!!
Ok, to finish off. Its hot here, things are ok, not too many things gone wrong with the boat, everything that has, ive managed to fix one way or another, am eating slightly better food now, have gone for our wet rations as they are far easier to swallow i find. We are currently at 30 degress 56 west and ive just sent tom out to get us to 31 degress west (the 56 is 56 of 60) so not too far and we are 20 degress north. We would have settled for this spot i think at the beginig knowing we could push on. Maybe we will after a delay, hopefully our last delay, then 50 miles a day through to antigua at the end of feb begining of march.
Have a good day guys, missing you all.

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