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Date: 25 Jan 2010 11:50:33
Title: Not sure what to write!

Hello everybody, How are we today, good? I hope so.
Its christmas today aboard red arrow but its not terribley festive im afraid. Ive managed to open a whole heap of cards which was great, a little cake and a couple of games, thanks for sorting that out hannah, but the presents from mum with the hats in etc will come alittle later as the day progresses.
I have to say, having christmas on the boat is a little strange especially when in total, ive now had three christmas in the last 3 months. Each has been great but the first one was the best. I opened a card yesturday that had photo in it from 7th novemeber, i had so much fun that evening that i started to cry........again. It seems to be a regular thing out here but it does make you feel better each time. Its standard when i speak to hannah on the phone i start to cry. She must hate it but i have nobody else to vent my frustrations to, so, if you see her, can you give he a hug for me!!. Tom seems to be showing no emotion at all and cant see why i have highs and lows, but i guess its just different ways of dealing with the same situation. Dont get me wrong, this is a dream of mine to be here, and im astounded that i am, but it has made me realise how much fun i have at home and i cant wait to get back. Our speed is so slow at the moment it just seems to be going on for ever. I hope we reach this "acceleration" zone soon, whatever/whereever it is. From my point of view, im rowing ok, im regualarly doing 3 miles per shift through day and night. I know that tom is stuggling in the night times and for this reason im gonna do his shifts tonight and him mine. It means i will be doing the 2 till 4am shift, which is fine i guess. The proff in the pudding will come tomorrow and see how much ground we have covered. We are cleaning the underside of the boat at 12noon so start the watch at 1.30 and if we do 50 miles or thereabouts in 24 hours, we should be able to build on it. At least we are heading towards antigua.
So, highs and lows so far, one of which you will be very happy about. Lets start with the lows:
1.The start being delayed orginally because of human error, annoyance rating 10/10
2 The second time tom left the back hatch door open, our only comfort! 8/10
3  The time i left the hatch door open but it didnt get too wet. 7/10
4. Agreeing to a bedpan.....eventually. 7/10
5. changing seats last minutes, like running a marathon in a new pair of trainers 7/10
1 Getting going 10/10
2. Seeing the whale 9/10
3. In our 61 mile day, i had a night shift where i covered 12 miles!!!!! 9/10
4. Each day opening up a thing (letter/book) prepared by hannah 9/10
5. Last night when i finally went.............you know!!!! 1million/10
Ok, im gonna sign off for now. Thank you so much for your emails that im getting, im sorry im not replying but i am thinking of you all.
ps, if i dot have one for my next blog, ill invent a story anway.
beard rating: 4/10
poo rating: it was massive!
joke rating: Kate is back in the lead, but i also like this one:
What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Clause? Santa stopped at
three ho's.

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