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Date: 23 Jan 2010 11:50:59
Title: just trying to be honest

Hello everybody!
I will get to the news in a minute, but i just thought i would tell you about a situation that im unsure about, its horrible, but i have nobody else to share it with, some of you will say. dont share it at all.
Im still having major problems going to the loo. Only one proper go in 21 days, Getting a tad uncomfortable! So, this morning, after seeking medical advice, i was in the cabin faced with a dilema. I had 2 tablets to take on the left, mild, may work, but thats about it. You take them with water., Or, the torpedo shaped item which is designed to go up....yes up, to get things going. Now, i dont have  a problem with those at all, but my general opinion is that, things are designed to come out, not go in of that particualr hole. But, i know that they will work. What do i do?
I went for the tablets in the end, but if they dont work, the torpedo might have to be adopted, we shall see. The problem is, im eating as much as i can, but its not going anywhere and the more i try the more blocked up i get and the less i can then eat. Although my energy levels are fine, it will start to suffer at somepoint.
Right, im glad you now all know about that!!!
So, what other news? Well yesturday we felt we were far enough south to begin the route west an slowly towards antigua. Its a tough call and the seas havent been kind to us, but we have covered 32 miles since 2pm yesturday which suggests we might be in the trade curents which is no bad thng. A few 50 mile days and we will be flying.
Life on bored is fine. Everything is damp as its so hot but too rough to have any windows open etc, a bit of a catch 22 if you ask me. The weather is due to change on wednesday for the worse, i just hope we get to air the cabin before this as with 2 of us in here, its not nice. Oh well, it is what it is.
Ok, thats about it from me. We have seen more flying fish but they are getting smaller, incredable!!! No boats just water water and more water.
Hope you all well.
Chalres Ship, we the text off the website but not personal phone.

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