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Date: 21 Jan 2010 12:18:18
Title: Hello

Big news my friends, we had our first flying fish yesturday which can only mean one thing, we are going south!!!
It was beautiful, Little body and little wings. I didnt actually see it on deck as the first time i saw it was when i took my shoe off and there it was firmly attached to my sole. It looked so peiceful but a slightly strange shape. As far as i know it could have been on my foot for days, getting squashed, but it was defo there! I have this image of them being big, it was about the size of a small white bait fish you get at a restruant in london, but thats not the point, we have flying fish!!!
So, apart from that, what else has happened? We contiuely get updates about how we are falling back in the feild and although rowing 50 miles a day, not gettring a whole lot cloeser to Antigua. Well, were hoping this might change. Our goal was to reach 30degrees west and 20 degrees north by monday. We have almost reached our north point and so we are gonna turn west over the next few days, this should mean that the miles we do, should be miles to antigua. Were not racing but we have to beat "spirit of MA" and to put one over "no fear" would be good as well. Besides, i quite fanncy a walk on a beach in antigua this side of march.
Tom had a tough night at the office last night and actually packed in the graveyard shift for a bit. I got going again and by 6.30 tom was ready to go again. When your body shuts down, its not fun and it can happen so i was glad to take over.
I manged to have good feed this morning so im feeling pretty good as well, i hate to say it, but although im missing the uk alot and particualy hannah, i am slowy getting into a routine here and enjoying it in places. Life is very simple and so far red arrow is working well.
Not sure what the highlight of today will be. We have water to make which means i might be able to have wash! Amy our rowing coach is off to Rio tonight and said she would flush the aeroplane loo whilst over us, that could be the highlight or maybe the fact that in my snack pack i have a peperammi, mars bar and snickers bar, thats a good pack.
So, we are 4 days from christmas, actually it will be my thrid for this year as i had the best christmas on 7th novemebr before i left, then christmas day itself was a bonus in UK and now actually here. I may well go all festive on monday, sorry in adavance!!
We are doing an interview on BBC Radio london tonight at 7.45pm so if you can tune in then please do, i think its goona be me as tom wil be rowing, how lucky are all of you.
Ok, i better go, i believe its snowing in the uk, i hope your enjoying it.
see ya
ps, sunburn rating: 0.5/10 (slight redness on upper thigh. restrain yourself ladies!)
facial hair rating 4/10 (yeti status not far off)
A few reply to text messages and emails:
Charles ship, no luck with the texts, if you go from our webiste www.rowingtheatlantic.com they should work.
Jo Gap...  hands are getting better, its my ass thats the problem, could you rub it for me??
Sarah, its about 7,500 calories per day but im struggling to get more than about 3,000 in. Luckly im used to that and the fatty food we have on board means that my body can function on that. Im trying to eat more though. We will see. Cant really be more specific than that, drinking about 5 lites/7 litres per day with barroca, energy drinks and hydration sachets to boot, doing the trick so far. Am feeling fine and have energy, wee smeels abit fuuny and not pooing how i should, but we are getting there.
WHISTLING AT THE DOLPINS? Really? I'll give it ago.

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