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Date: 20 Jan 2010 09:33:58
Title: Brain Dump............

A random blog of bits and pieces.................................


Days at sea:                 16

Days remaining:           40 to 60 (approx) depending on conditions

Last 24 Hours:              Tough rowing conditions during the day, 25ft rolling/crashing waves and we couldn’t keep our heading. Last night was fast and we should have made up some miles.

Other Boats:                 We haven’t seen another boat for the last 4, possibly 5 days.

Recent incidents:         1. I spilt boiling water over my upper left thigh whilst boiling some water for dinner. A wave smashed the side of the boat and knocked the Jet Boil out of my hand and the water went onto my leg. I screamed, and then dosed my leg with sponges of cold water and thankfully there was no scaring.

2. I drifted off for a few minutes during the graveyard shift (02:30 – 04:30) last night and  was awoken by an oar smashing into my ribs which was very painful.

Looking forward to:      Monday 25th January – our belated Christmas Day on Red Arrow where we get to open our presents from friends and family.


. My top 10 missed meals, snacks and drinks:

  1. Mrs B roast dinner with all the trimmings
  2. My daily soup, main and pudding from the IMG canteen  
  3. Number 32 (Large Chicken Chow Mein) from Kwok Lai. June – I’ll be in soon!
  4. Farleys Rusks, sprinkling of sugar and ice cold milk
  5. Fresh Bread
  6. Apples
  7. Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps
  8. Packet of McVities Milk Chocolate digestives to dunk into a glass of milk
  9. Ribena – full fat blackcurrant flavour.
  10. Packed of 4 Hot Cross Buns to snack on

 3 Things the Atlantic needs:

  1. Speed Cameras                        – to slow the race leaders down!
  2. McDonalds Row Through           -  like a drive through for cars but a floating one out here for boats and we could then get the coordinates and paddle over for some fast food.
  3. Windscreen cleaners                  -  like the guys you get a traffic lights who clean your windscreen whether you say yes or no. Our cabin doors are disgusting and we’ve run out of window cleaner.


Games that don’t work on Red Arrow

To help pass the time I feel it is important to help bond us and boost morale and what better way than playing some classic games.

  1. “It”                    - A flop!. The game tends to work better with more players and a slightly larger space although I did tell Rich that Harry and Lloyd managed for some time on their road trip in Dumb & Dumber!
  2. Hide & Seek      - Wasn’t a great success. The main cabin is the only place to hide unless we wanted to get in the water which would provide great cover although somewhat dangerous.
  3. Eye Spy           - It would be fair to say that this game failed out here. After you’ve guessed Water, Wave, Sky, Cloud & Boat there really isn’t anything else.
  4. Kiss Chase        - perhaps save this game for a mixed crew.


My Top 5 must listened to songs

When you’re doing the nightshifts you’ve only got your iPod to get you through the 2 hours and I’ve been singing my heart out  and there’s nobody around to tell me how terrible I am. My top 5 so far…………….

  1. Meet Me Halfway                       Black Eyed Peas
  2. Strong Enough                          Sheryl Crow
  3. Don’t Mess With My Man           Lucy Pearl                                
  4. Grow                                        Kubb


And now we have just rowed the first 500 miles what better song than……..

  1. 500 Miles                                  The Proclaimers


Text of the day goes to my brother, Adam, who has just recently celebrated his 5th wedding anniversary!


"Marriage is a 3 ring circus; an engagement ring, a wedding ring and suffering!”


Ad - I bet you didn’t write that in your card to Amanda!


A few personal messages from me………….


Rachel / Cath                -           Thanks for the info on the lava/sparks – there was I thinking I was seeing things.


Booker                         -           As requested, the answer as you’ve probably guessed is we had one game and we won’t be playing again.


The Carswells             -           Ali – yep, I constantly want to call in sick! Sounds like William is keeping you busy – remind George that it is his baby too!


Hilary & Martin             -           Sounds like you need to change your screensaver picture. Thanks for lunch in Tenerife and for bringing my valuables home.


Si Hoyle                       -           Loved your email. FYI – it was re-directed to Laura and she forwarded it on. Thanks for the heads up – classic!


The Loudins                 -           Hi guys -  thanks for the email and for telling your neighbours in Texas.


Matt Collins                  -           FYI – texts from your mobile haven’t been coming through. Your Twitter joke was a classic although I can’t award you text of the day as I’m showing restraint (please note Marcus) as this is a family show.


JJ                                 -           Cheers for the text buddy. Yep, your Para anchor lesson paid off and we’ve used it only once and we deployed and retrieved it no problems. We’re hunting down Joe & Chris and no surprise they are stalking the French! Come out to Antigua………….


The row must go on – Antigua here we come.





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